Wellbeing Support

Are you suffering from stress? Feeling like your life is out of balance? Struggling to integrate your diagnosis? Maybe your life looks great from the outside but you feel like crap?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, a wellbeing support session is for you!

I can help you care for yourself holistically during periods of illness or stress, and support you as you get your life back on track.

This gentle session provides immediate benefits including
1. Reduced stress through holistic self-care
2. Clarity that comes with confident decision-making
3. Personal empowerment that nourishes all aspects of your life.

I see you as a person, not as a diagnostic label, and would be honoured to support you on your journey towards health and happiness.

A wellbeing support session is also an ideal follow-up after an astrology consultation as it allows you to further therapeutically explore the themes and issues that are present in your natal chart.

Multiple sessions can be booked, if you’d like to delve deeper into your inner world and gain an increased level of self-awareness.

How much does it cost?
You have two booking options:
• $89 for a one-off session, or
• $245 for a series of three sessions with ‘between session’ support.

What do you get?
1. Preliminary assessment to ensure this is the right session for you.
2. Personalised one-on-one transpersonal therapy session/s to support your holistic wellness.
3. Follow-up care by email between your consultations (if more than one session is booked).

How does it work?
1. You say ‘Yes!’ and fill out the contact form below.
2. I contact you and we take care of the admin (preliminary assessment, payment, appointment time).
3. We meet for your 60-min wellbeing support session/s and activate your innate healing resources through tailored transpersonal processes.
4. I am available to you for follow-up care by email between your consultations (if more than one session is booked).

Purchasing confirms that you agree to these Terms+Conditions

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