Focused Divination

When you need answers but your own vision is clouded, ask for help.

If you have a specific question, that requires a clear answer, Focused Divination is for you.

This email consultation is a divined response to one tailored question, based on the indicators in your unique birth chart.

Focused Divination can answer a specific question about:
• your significant relationship (e.g. Is he cheating on me?)
• your career (e.g. Will I get the promotion?)
• your home life (e.g. Is it time to sell?).

I can help you formulate the right question, if you are unsure.

How much does it cost? $49

What do you get?
A 1-2 page PDF document delivered by email that directly answers your question and provides you with a fresh perspective on the issue.

How does it work?
1. You fill out the contact form below with:
• a brief explanation of your situation
• your question
• your birth data (time, date, + location).
2. I will reply with payment instructions and indicate when you can expect my answer.
3. Once payment is received, I consult the stars.
4. The answer to your question is delivered by email in the agreed upon timeframe (usually within 48 hours).

Purchasing confirms that you agree to these Terms+Conditions

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