Focused Divination

When you need answers but your own vision is clouded, ask for help.

If you have a specific question, that requires a clear answer, Focused Divination is for you.

This express consultation is a divined response to one tailored question, based on the indicators in your unique birth chart.

Focused Divination can answer a specific question about:
• your significant relationship (e.g. Is he cheating on me?)
• your career (e.g. Will I get the promotion?)
• your home life (e.g. Is it time to sell?).

I can help you formulate the right question, if you are unsure.

How much does it cost? $49

What do you get?
20 punchy minutes of divinatory goodness that deliver accurate answer. Stat.

How does it work?
1. You say ‘I need to know’ and choose your apppointment time.
2. I will reply with payment instructions and confirm your booking.
3. We meet via Zoom and you get the answers you need.

Purchasing confirms that you agree to these Terms+Conditions

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