Life Path Astrology Consultation

Regain clarity with life path astrology.

Are you at a crossroad and making a big decision? Is your whole life about to change dramatically? Do you feel like a failure and want to get back on track? Are you interested in exploring your inner self?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, a life path astrology consultation is for you!

I can help you get unstuck and reconnect with who you are and why you are here.

You will walk away from this powerful one-on-one session with:

  1. An authentic and soulful connection to your true life path
  2. Awareness and understanding of the challenges you face on your journey
  3. The confidence to make decisions that align with your life purpose.

I understand that you are unique individual, with your own special energetic signature. That’s why this session is not a general pre-packaged, mass-produced program.

Using your natal chart as our guide, we will embark on a bespoke therapeutic exploration

This session is not just a reading. It is an opportunity for you to connect with your inner truth and to speak it aloud.

You were born into this life for a reason. This reason is encoded in the birth chart – and in your DNA.

You know the answers already. My role is to help you remember.

During this life path astrology session you will experience confirmation of what your soul already knows to be true.

Now is a great time to check in with yourself. Yes, right now, as you read this. Have you noticed any physical sensations while reading this? A feeling of being understood? That something profound is ready to emerge from within?

You’ve already started the magical process by reading this page. Do you trust yourself enough to follow through?

This session could change your life – if you allow it to.

How much does it cost?

$179 (Australian dollars)

What do you get?
  1. Preliminary assessment to ensure this is the right session for you.
  2. Astrological analysis focusing on your specific concerns or issue. I do this work before we meet for our session.
  3. Personalised one-on-one consultation exploring your life path through astrology.
  4. Recording of our session together.
  5. Customised notes with key points and recommendations
  6. Follow-up care by email for seven days after your consultation.
How does it work?
  1. You say ‘Yes!’ and fill out the contact form below.
  2. I contact you and we take care of the admin (birth data, payment, appointment time).
  3. We meet for a potent 75 minutes that will empower you to live with passion and purpose.
  4. I send the recording and notes to you the next day.
  5. I am available to you for follow-up care by email for seven days after your consultation.

Purchasing confirms that you agree to these Terms+Conditions

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