Friendships and group affiliations get a rapid reboot at the solar eclipse early on 3rd July. New dreams and hopes for the future emerge. The coming months are a great time to reach out to others, join an organisation, and nourish your current network of friends. You may also discover a newfound focus to your activism or a special cause (perhaps related to families, homelessness, or the ocean). The people you already know and the new ones you are destined to meet will be instrumental to your future success.

It’s not all about you, of course, or what you want (even in that low-key behind-the-scenes Virgo way). Genuine collaboration and participation is called for, messy and imperfect as it is. The lunar eclipse on 17th July exposes your need for creative control and reminds you in the most obvious way that you’ll have to loosen the reigns and allow others to steer the direction of the project. This may directly relate to social interaction with friends, team sports, and raising children. All great opportunities to have fun but not if the operation is being run with military precision.

Being Mercury ruled, Mercury retrograde, which begins on the 8th, further stirs up how you relate to those emerging group opportunities. The retrograde begins in your sector of solitude and secrets, so don’t be too surprised if you’re suddenly gripped with social anxiety. Is your newfound acceptance and popularity real? What if you say something completely embarrassing? Use the retrograde period to dig into your self talk. Let yourself be loved when you’re vulnerable, not just when you’re capable.

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