Your birthday invigorates your body mind and soul for fresh new directions in many areas of your life. This is your annual solar replenishment and renewal. Set your plans for coming year and set off with gusto.

Hone in on an interesting career opportunity that capitalises on your refined skills. Take your time to research it thoroughly to ensure that it aligns with your values and enhances the other aspects of your life. Your physical and mental well-being is just as important as important as working hard and making money.

The full moon lights up your partnership sector, encouraging romance and emotional connections. Heartfelt conversations with your lover take your relationship to the next level – even if only in your dreams. Saturn stations direct at the same time so the gap between relationship reality and fantasy romance becomes obvious.

As your ruling planet, Mercury, travels with lady luck in her home sign, you have the chance to attract money. You may also find it slipping through your fingers as you exchange it for things of beauty, mostly for yourself or for your home.

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