All the extra activity in your home and family right now might seem too much, particularly around the Taurus new moon on the 5th May. Telling a Virgo not to worry is rather pointless, as worrying is the downside of your fine analytical mind. Turning those worries into practical action is the trick to making you feel better.

After the mentally intense dark moon period (from 5th to 8th May), you get your groove back and can start making plans. You’re looking to leave your comfort zone and discover fresh territory. Perhaps literally, making a holiday ideal at this time. Armchair explorations through a course of study presents an alternate options. Either way, it’s time to stretch your mind.

The Scorpio new moon on the 19th May reveals hidden gems in your everyday experiences and environs. It may be as simple as finding a new cafe or bookshop to meet with friends or an intriguing titbit of information that comes your way.

Career matters beckon from the 21st May as your ruling planet, Mercury, moves into Gemini synchronously with the Sun. This heralds a rebirth of your career aspirations, and, in a broader sense, your life direction. An offers that passed you by early in May may arise again or fresh opportunities for growth and expansion are presented.

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