Mercury retrograde in your relationship sector could have you loved up but also listless. Is it all a beautiful illusion? Yes and no. Wonderful possibilities are being seeded here with the new moon, but it might not be exactly what you had in mind. The trick is to let your boundaries soften but to also maintain the integrity of your own identity.

Reliable factual matters like work, study, travel, and health keep you anchored to the real world. If those things start to suffer, you’ll know you’ve wandered too far into the fog. Retrace your steps until you recognise yourself again.

Wandering is a recurring theme for March. You may feel the sudden urge to take this literally as surprise-packet Uranus moves into your travel sector. This is a seven-year transit that is set to break open any sheltered areas of your mind through travel, study, and philosophy.

The dark and dusty corners of your psyche are being lit up by the purifying light of the Sun from the last week of March. It’s like a spring clean of all those unpleasant activities that are inevitable but you try to ignore.

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