July’s eclipses supercharge your mindset and belief systems. It’s time for you to let go of imposed belief systems and relax into a softer, more fluid and feminine approach. A new embodied experience of everyday life is being birthed, but you’re going to have to cut ties with the authority and traditions of the past. It may be the religion you were born into but it could be any inherited philosophical or cultural beliefs. You’re searching for something practical and soul nourishing.

The solar eclipse on 3rd July activates your peer group and local area. It doesn’t sound very earth-shaking, does it? Consider this: What we do every day creates who we are. The people you speak to at the bus stop, the smile you exchange with your barista, the delivery guy that actually rings the bell. The quality of these small exchanges build the emotional tone of your day. As each of these very ordinary days are threaded together, you are constantly creating the mental wiring of your brain, and the lived experience of your life. Start doing something small like wave to your neighbours and see what amazing ideas sprout, grow, and flourish.

The lunar eclipse on 17th July heralds your first test of this emerging new approach to being in and exploring the world. It’s time to be flexible at home. Mercury is also on hand to help this process. The beginning of Mercury retrograde on 8th July will bring unexpected visitors and changes at home. The focus then shifts to your ability to move around your local area. Allow extra time for errands and sink into the experience of a curious new outlook on your familiar environment.

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