Mercury retrograde isn’t doing you any favours as you attempt to understand recent instability in your most significant partnership. Crossed wires and communication mix-ups abound. While you may be able to renegotiate existing terms, real progress isn’t likely until after the 21st, when either you kiss and makeup or have an all-out argument to clear the air. Good things come from shadowy places. Some Taureans may receive a financial windfall through tax, insurance, or an inheritance, particularly on the 25th. The last few days of November are ripe for a sneaky pre-Xmas holiday escape.


1st – 21st Mercury retrograde – communication mix-ups with your significant other

2nd – 26th Venus into Sagittarius – discovering hidden gems

13th Full moon 19° Taurus

20th Mars into Scorpio – sexy times or cold war?

23rd Sun into Sagittarius – shining light on taboo topics

25th Venus conjunct Jupiter 28° Sagittarius – financial windfall

26th Venus into Capricorn – take a pre-Xmas holiday

27th New moon 4° Sagittarius

28th Neptune stations direct 15° Pisces – collective concerns

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