March is a good month to push forward with your personal agenda as you’re feeling fired up and determined to succeed. You may even decide that it’s time for a sudden dramatic change in your appearance as Uranus moves into your sign. Any outward changes reflect your internal shift towards more authentic expression of who you are. While you may feel an unusual sense of urgency, you’ve got plenty of time. Uranus will be in your sign for seven years.

After the new moon on the 7th, you’ll notice that new friends and supporters come to your aid, often in unusual circumstances. Don’t seek assistance; rather let it come to you. Things will be complicated in your group involvements and the outlook fuzzy – but it’s worth persevering despite the initial difficulties and confusion that comes with Mercury retrograde.

Career advancement is also favoured as your ruling planet, Venus, bring cooperation and harmony to your public life. You might meet a like-minded new friend in the workplace. All in all, March (particularly the first three weeks) is a good month for you to shine in both work and social settings. Push forward towards your desires.

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