September begins with a focus on life’s pleasures. Whether it’s a special hobby or playing with your cherished (grand)children, devoting precious time to what you love brings you joy aplenty and makes you feel truly alive. You’re searching for something that leads you back to your true (yet undiscovered) self.

Saturn’s station and the full moon make the mid-month period ripe for the fulfilment of your hopes and dreams. Study, publishing and travel goals that stalled are now likely to move forward (or no longer on your agenda). Open up, not only new horizons, but also your connection to the divine.

Far reaching goals require planning and preparation, an activity well supported by the new moon at the end of the month. The beautiful new moon in Libra calls you to bring beauty into your everyday experiences, balance your work/rest/play routine. Regular daily rituals that nourish your health and all facets of your wellbeing can be introduced now.

Positive developments at work, especially those related to your long-term financial security are also likely to happen late in the month. Prepare to work hard and feather your retirement nest.

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