May is a money month as you feel energised and, at times, agitated by your financial situation. You’re looking to enhance your fiscal future and grow your income as quickly as possible. Don’t be tempted by anything shady, no matter how much sense it seems to make. If it doesn’t sit comfortably in the gut, it’s not right for you. On the other hand, a calculated risk around the 5th May might pay off as your ruling planet, Mars, connects with lucky Jupiter.

Renewed relationship opportunities are unlocked at the Taurus new moon also on the 5th May. Build everyday relationship rituals to help stabilise your partnerships. Enacting your intentions through symbolic action in the real world invites the energy you desire to flow into your life.

Relationships are lively all month with the 8th and 18th of May standing out as days of instant connection, rapid developments, and partnership plot twists. Staying flexible enough to welcome increased authenticity in your interpersonal life is a part of your ongoing evolution and this month is your first taste of the opportunities and challenges that are set to continue until 2025.

The full moon in your sign on 19th May is likely to bring up any emotional insecurities and hangups for closer scrutiny.

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