July’s eclipses promise a complete realignment of your mentality and your mobility. You’re letting go of the familiar and everything you currently believe to be true is being tested. Once this alchemical process is complete, you will realise that your philosophical and spiritual framework has been completely stripped down and reborn. I hope you’re ready.

The solar eclipse on 3rd July is an early foray into your adventurous search for meaning. For some lucky Scorpios, this will mean travel to distant lands and exchanging ideas with foreigners. Other Scorpios will extend their minds through study and religion. Whatever opportunities for extending your knowledge and experience come to you in coming weeks and months, trust that you will be held and supported on your journey.

Two weeks later on 17th July, the lunar eclipse reveals just how capable and busy you are on local turf. There’s no doubting your peers recognise your resilience and control, but do you have to do it all? Pass on some of the responsibility to others in your community and you’ll open up oodles of mental space that can be used to plan and construct new ideas.

The emerging clarity will run into some initial obstacles as Mercury retrograde starts in your career sector on the 8th July and then crosses back into your aforementioned exploration zone to makes most of his mischief. Until the 19th July, take extra care with work emails and meeting arrangements. From the 19th until the end of the month, it’s travel documents and enrolment forms that are also likely to be affected. Remember Mercury’s retrograde mission isn’t to ruin your life; he just has a playful and cryptic way of redirecting your mind to where it needs to be.

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