If you’re willing to let go of the reigns a little, March promises harmony and contentment, particularly with your nearest and dearest. Planet of love, Venus, settles in at home bringing peace and goodwill to your family and living situation. You’ll enjoy entertaining your friends at home.

With Mars in your relationship sector until the very end of March, those quiet nights in could suddenly turn steamy – or argumentative. It all depends if you choose to channel that pent up physical energy consciously or unconsciously.

There’s going to be confusion and miscommunication around children and creative projects as Mercury retrograde muddles your recreation zone. Extend your agreeable mood when faced with these difficulties and know that fresh opportunities are emerging with the new moon. Think of it as artistic chaos, rather than a terrible mess.

Uranus moving into Taurus is enlivening your one-on-one partnerships over the next seven years. If you’re single, you can expect to meet quirky characters in unusual circumstances. Unhappy partnerships are likely to end suddenly. Happy couples can expect surprises and excitement to reignite the romantic sparks.

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