September begins as a busy month on the social circuit. You’re looking to make connections and initiate progressive conversations with your network. You may even meet a certain interesting someone that can assist you with your mission. As the month progresses though, you tire of the frivolity and long for more serious conversation. Something as simple as a change of venue may help to ground the discussion.

The mid-month period is lit up by the full moon and promises fun times and maybe a little too much to drink. After all this partying and people-ing, you’ll be more than ready to retreat to your sanctum for private ruminations. Saturn’s station signals that you’re likely to reach a decision and develop practical plan for execution. The full moon in Pisces injects unlimited creativity.

By the end of September, your annual solar cycle is coming to a close. The new moon in Libra heralds a fertile month of rest and reflection, as you pull back your energy. You could hatch an excellent plan to fatten your bank account – just in time for your imminent birthday celebrations.

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