Clear out the pantry and renew your gym membership as the Taurus new moon on the 5th of May promises new beginnings for your health and wellness. Choose pleasurable recreational activities that enhance your mental and physical health. Go for a walk with your friend rather than meeting for cake. The healthy spring in your step will enhance your productivity at work.

Intellectual tete-a-tetes fuel your personal quest for expanded meaning around the time of the new moon. Overall, the first half of May is quite active with a bit of a lull in the latter half, where you are pulled towards necessity and responsibilities. Keep that in mind as you fill your social schedule.

You will find that you tire of the fun and frivolity, and yearn for routine challenges as a way to rest your physical and mental bodies. Apply yourself to the work at hand and you will notice that it supports your long-term health and stability – which is a focal point for the eclipse season.

Never fear though! The mood lightens from the 21st May as the Sun and Mercury move into Gemini, stimulating your relationship sector. More on that next month.

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