The bulk of November sees you rethinking your relationships and making intrepid forays towards living your best life. No need to run at it like a bat out of hell. You lack a little of your usual oomph prior to your birthday, so take it easy. You’ve also got some inner demons to conquer first. Not that anyone would know your inner battles by looking at you. You look sizzling hot and people are more than willing to do you favours. Your birthday comes early with a stroke of luck on the 25th. Some lucky Sadgies will even receive cash gifts.


1st – 21st Mercury retrograde – deep thinking in private

2nd – 26th Venus into Sagittarius – you look hot, ask for favours

13th Full moon 19° Taurus

20th Mars into Scorpio – covert operations underway

23rd Sun into Sagittarius – happy birthday

25th Venus conjunct Jupiter 28° Sagittarius – a lucky windfall

26th Venus into Capricorn – attract wealth, spend on investment pieces

27th New moon 4° Sagittarius

28th Neptune stations direct 15° Pisces – follow your intuition on career matters

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