Early September is the time to work it and show those with the power that you’ve got the goods. They may even be willing to adjust your pay mid-month as Saturn stations direct – modestly, based on your loyalty and hard work. It’s just enough to keep you interested. Just. You’re actually way more interested in injecting your work day with more freedom and flexibility but, alas, the bills must be paid.

Greener pastures are in your future and you’re looking to get there as fast as possible. You’ll be meditating and imagining moving into your dream home as the moon becomes full. Talk to a partner or trusted friend about your options about how you could manifest this goal. They may put you in touch with a useful organisation or network connection.

Don’t hide away at home at the end of the month. The new moon encourages you to reach out to your tribe and strike up new connections within your groups and networks. Sweet social connections with your friends are all but guaranteed. Personal favours may even be granted. Keep an eye on your money though.

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