Home and family life are reborn in confusing circumstances as both a new moon and Mercury retrograde stirs the usually tranquil waters at the base of your chart. Miscommunication between family members is likely to occur and if you are doing renovations at home you’ll need some extra time in your project schedule.

While you may be tempted to step in and fix whatever problems arise, you don’t have the full story. Remember that Jupiter is still creating luck on your behalf, even when things look a little screwy. Find that sweet spot between knowing when to act and when to wait.

Although you are busy at work and working hard on your health habits, the main focus this month is on your private life. Recalibrating relationships with your siblings and neighbours and rethinking how you want to feel at a baseline level will bring profound satisfaction.

Uranus is poised to reinvent your rituals and routines over the next seven years. You’ll notice technology makes a significant impact on your work and also your health care. All those little things you do every day, almost without thinking, are going to become a source of eureka moments.

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