July’s eclipses could take the happy-go-lucky wind out of your sails as your long-term financial situation needs attention. The solar eclipse on 3rd July calls for you to take control of your financial destiny. If you want to chase the horizon, you’ve got to pay your way. Convincing a partner to invest in you is another way of funding your adventures, but the piper must be paid, one way or another. What are you offering in return? How will you replenish the rapidly dwindling coffers? The lunar eclipse asks these question starkly on 17th July.

With the shadow of the earth revealed, financial drains become obvious. Drains on your self-worth are also likely to be uncovered and these are little trickier to plug as they usually play out in relationships and situations that we feel committed to despite the fact they are not life-enhancing. A dud emotional investment isn’t so different from a dud financial one. Tough decisions must be made and a short-term loss may need to be accepted to nourish long-term growth.

Mercury retrograde adds to the contractual activity in the second half of the month. Initially, at the beginning of the retrograde on 8th July, you may discover that you’ve overcommitted to travel or study plans. Something that you had planned and were looking forward to runs into difficulties. Anxiety levels shoot up as you imagine worst-case scenarios (particularly debt-ridden ones). Try not to worry too much as one of the gifts of Mercury retrograde is the ability to renegotiate. As you gather information that you’ve previously missed, the new terms or the unexpected delay will probably be to your advantage.

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