The focus continues to be is firmly on you this month, on your inner life, and how you feel about the world around you. Time spent exploring your mental nooks and crannies is enlightening. Self care looks like time alone with space to explore your inner world.

As Uranus moves into Taurus, you may even feel compelled to make some immediate changes about how you communicate and express yourself. Technology will help extend your voice from your immediate surroundings out into the wider world.

With Mercury retrograde, coupled with the new moon, both in your own sign, signals some hiccups with your initial foray into liberating your mindset and communications. There must be some unravelling before new pathways can be explored.

I probably don’t need to remind you, Pisces, that resistance is futile. Even so, take the usual Mercury retrograde precautions to minimise inconvenience: Double check for clarity, confirm appointments and deliveries, say ‘yes’ to the receipt. Most importantly, don’t be too attached to the idealised outcome.

Give yourself extra time and time out to relax knowing that, ultimately, within the chaos a new order will be formed.

Happy birthday! Treat yourself to a Solar Return Session.