The first half of September sees growth in your relationships. There’s a lot of talking and  negotiating about how you will collaborate and where you will go together. This is as true for business partnerships as it is for romantic relationships. Just be careful that you don’t give up too much in favour of your partner’s needs.

There’s a moment of pause mid-month around the full moon, where you notice you may have overpromised and underdelivered to a friend or group commitment. The full moon highlights your own state of physical and emotional wellbeing at this time, and asks you to recommit to your social boundaries. Your interpersonal resources are finite and you just can’t be all things to all people at all times.

September closes with an optimistic and harmonious connection between attractive Venus and lucky Jupiter (your ruling planet). This planetary combo indicates that your career continues to grow and money begins to flow. Stay visible and keep your work life high priority for best results. Long-term financial security blossoms under the new moon in Libra.

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