July’s eclipses are a turning point in the tension between your personal creativity and group interaction. The solar eclipse on 3rd July indicates fertile new beginnings for creative projects, hobbies, recreation, and whatever brings you pleasure in this mad world. Pleasure does include sex and creative projects includes pregnancy and children so depending on your situation and personal preferences, extra precautions may be required. The gifts of the solar eclipse are not instantaneous and you may take a circuitous route to manifesting its promise.

The lunar eclipse on the 17th highlights a more immediate need to let go of group expectations and may coincide with an invitation you decline or membership you relinquish. Consider your expectations of your friends and group acquaintances? Are their expectations of you weighing heavily? Have a look at what you contribute and what you receive from your activism and collective activities. What does it cost you emotionally? A cold, hard look at the power balance will help you discover what your essential need is in these interactions. Identify your limits and consciously decide whether you are willing to surrender.

Mercury retrograde from 8th July encourages you to revise and experiment with your everyday routines and responsibilities. Your work and health habits are the initial focus, but as the Mercury retrograde changes sign on 19th July, you will (re)discover that creativity and play must also be priorities in your life. The trickster further muddles the pleasure issues that are being stirred by the eclipses, not to tip you over the edge, but to give you an alternate perspective on a dynamic situation.

Remember: All work and no play makes Pisces dull and sad. Have. Some. Fun.

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