The unseen and unsaid are a strong presence and exert pressure from the shadows early in September. Take some time away from the world to investigate the hidden and mysterious. Much is what unfolds is directed by unconscious energies. A good energetic cleanse of your house certainly wouldn’t hurt.

You’ll notice a shift mid-month. The most obvious manifestation of the change is the full moon is a great time to shine light in dark corners and calls on you to diligently attend to your responsibilities. Saturn’s station echoes this need to clean your literal (and metaphoric) house – and perhaps a few family members with it.

Mercury travels with Venus into Libra on the 14/15th bringing an almost immediate improvement in your outlook, that is further boosted by the new moon in your own sign at the end of the month There’s no better birthday gift than returning to your charming best. You’ll smile again, readily find the right words, and just feel significantly lighter in the lead-up to your birthday. If you look good and smell great, no-one will see the lingering inner turmoil, right?

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