The new moon on the 7th December plants the seeds of big ideas and an expansive desire to learn and communicate. It’s an ideal time to start writing that book, start over with your siblings, or make meaningful connections in your neighbourhood. With lucky Jupiter on hand, the blessings of these new connections continue to flow for most of 2019.

Harness the power of inspired action to refine the balance between effort and effortlessness.  A little gentle gusto applied to your daily routine will help you get the job done. You can also direct this intuitive wisdom towards your health and wellness goals.

Relationships have settled after the turbulent Venus retrograde, but Uranus is back in your partnership sector to finalise the long story of upheaval in your relationships. Expect your hard-won freedoms to be tested for a few more months.

What has 2019 got planned for you? The stars reveal all in a 2019 Year Ahead Session.