Your ruling planet, Venus, sashays into your pleasure sector, making March a great month to follow your bliss. Sure there’s serious stuff to attend to but there’s also joy and beauty in the world, which make those hard bits all worth eduring. Start a creative project, muck around with the kids, and let yourself have some fun.

The lighter, brighter outlook will also help you cope with the inevitable confusion that Mercury retrograde will bring to your daily routine. Even the most familiar tasks could go haywire. You’ll be off with the fairies and might even get lost on your way to work.

Interestingly, the new moon also falls in the same sector of your chart, which suggests that within the chaos and confusion, new habits will emerge that will lead to growth in your work. New routines that can support your health and wellbeing are also seeded that this time.

An evolution of your long-term finances starts this month too as Uranus moves into Taurus. This opens up a seven-year period of rapid change and sudden twists around financial partnerships, retirement planning, taxation, and inheritances. It also brings a lot of objectivity to these often highly emotional topics.

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