July’s eclipses are the launching pad for your ambitious career aspirations. The solar eclipse on 3rd July hints that new pathways for your advancement will soon magically open, like sliding doors. All you need to do is boldly walk through and let the elevator take you to your corner office on the top floor. Of course, there is a catch… The lunar eclipse on the 17th July highlights the private fears you have about achieving your career dreams.

It’s not very Libran of me to say but you’ll need to let go of your obsessive authoritarian act at home, if you want to make the most of the epic emerging career opportunities. Unclench those perfecting manicured hands and don’t stress about it so much. The outcomes you’re inventing in your mind are way worse than it what is likely to unfold in real life. And if it’s your living situation or family holding you back, cut them loose. It’s critical that you set some boundaries in this part of your like and is unlikely to be a permanent estrangement.

With Mercury retrograde from the 8th July, expect some initial misunderstandings and mix-ups, particularly with your friends and any groups you are involved with. Don’t be a diva about it (leave that to someone else) because Mercury will be spending most of the retrograde in your career sector. Use the alternate perspective of Mercury retrograde to think wildly and creatively about your next career move. Whatever new opportunities are emerging may run into a few false starts, but Mercury is given you a period of non-consequential play and experimentation. It’s a chance for you test the waters without making binding commitments.

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