Your soul sector is in focus under the July’s eclipses. This time of year, just before your birthday, is naturally a time of reflection. This particular year, the solar eclipse means that your annual soul searching season has far-reaching consequences that will ultimately propel you into a new reality. Grab your eye-mask, mark yourself as ‘mysteriously unavailable’ on social media, silence the mental chatter, and welcome the psycho-spiritual discovery. Sure, you’ll encounter a few inner demons, but, really, there’s never been a better time for them to join your fan club.

The lunar eclipse exposes some helpful hacks to opening up inner portals. Is it possible to howl at the moon, if you’re doing all the drudge work and getting none of the credit? Or, maybe, you’re doing none of the drudge work and taking all of the credit? Either way, it’s wearing you down and making you a little less fabulous than a Leo deserves. It could even manifest as health trouble. Delegate and outsource where you can, or, roll up those sleeves and make a contribution. You know which one you need to do.

Mercury retrograde begins in your sign making you fumble your words and perhaps not communicate with your usual confidence. This mischief is short-lived as Mercury’s main mission is to open non-rational lines of communication with the skeletons in the back of your closet. Remember them? You met them at the start of July and they’re ba-ack.  It’s time revisit and revise those recent revelations and see if they stack up to intellectual scrutiny. For everyday matters, remember that you’re not as clear-headed and decisive as usual. Delay any major decisions until the sunnier skies of August.

With your birthday coming up soon, it’s the perfect time to book in for a Solar Return Session to find out what this year has in store for you.