Focus on having fun with kids or unleashing your creative expression, because home and work aren’t a barrel of laughs. Mercury retrograde is wreaking havoc with family communications and household appliances. Keeping your sense of humour will help you take positive action around the 21st, rather than start a family feud. Light yourself up with more of those pleasurable activities. A spot of romance is possible for some lucky, Leos, especially around the 25th. Get some extra rest at the end of November and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that only getting your ducks in a row can give.


1st – 21st Mercury retrograde – communication mix-ups with home and family

2nd – 26th Venus into Sagittarius – joyful time with children, create beauty

13th Full moon 19° Taurus

20th Mars into Scorpio – action (hopefully not conflict) at home

23rd Sun into Sagittarius – get lit through good times

25th Venus conjunct Jupiter 28° Sagittarius – do something fun

26th Venus into Capricorn – harmonious attitude to your routine responsibilities

27th New moon 4° Sagittarius

28th Neptune stations direct 15° Pisces – eerie atmosphere

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