You’ve been busy working travelling, and studying, making preparations for something big. You are currently driven to extend yourself and expand your experiences out in the world – to see more, do more, be more. On this journey of discovery, your self belief has grown, as has your confidence to express yourself.

The Taurus new moon on the 5th May is the moment to relaunch your career and public life in a new direction in light of this learning. Don’t be afraid to strike out in bold new directions and use technology to advance your goals.

You pull back from friends and group commitments as Mars leaves Gemini on the 16th May, preferring to work on your goals alone behind the scenes rather than collaboratively.

The Scorpio full moon on the 19th May encourages you to connect with, but not necessarily reveal, the full extent of your ambition. Consolidate home base and ensure your foundations are steady. Take your time and make those quiet tactical moves before going the full Leo and unleashing your full magnificence for maximum dramatic effect sometime after the 21st when you will feel more inclined to share your news with key supporters.

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