Schedule those date nights because romance is on your agenda for March. Even if you are currently single, it’s a great time to get out and about with friends. It’s also a good time to seek advice from a professional advice about a personal situation. Putting yourself out there may bring up some insecurities so be sure to take if slowly if you do meet someone special.

With Mercury retrograde in your financial sector, be wary of signing any long-term contracts. Details will be missed and paperwork will go astray. If you can’t get everything signed, sealed and delivered before the first week of March, it’ll be less frustrating for everyone to just wait till April.

Uranus moving into Taurus signals an epic shake-up of your career direction over the next seven years.  It’s a good time to jump on new industry trends and skill up for the future. You may find that your curiosity leads you in a completely new area.

By late March you’ll be keen to expand your horizons – some Leos will travel, others will fan the flames of curiosity through study.

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