September calls for you to juggle competing priorities and desires. On the one hand, you want to relax and live an easy life; on the other, you know you need to make sustainable choices for the long term.

Money is definitely a key area for your attention and by mid-month you may take on more work to nourish your bank account. The month opens with the new moon in Virgo helping you to count your pennies and get your transactions under control. Watch for impulse buys. It’s only a bargain if you truly need it.

Daily responsibilities are a heavy focus. Saturn’s station, which coincides with the full moon mid-month, is likely to bring a turning point in your workload or a health matter. It’s time to face the reality of the situation. It could be worse than you think or you may be worrying yourself needlessly. The full moon asks you if this is sustainable for the long term.

Late in the month, you’ll be very busy with the consequences of your decisions (good or bad). Writing your thoughts down on paper may help bring order.

Now that your birthday celebrations are over, it’s the perfect time to book your Solar Return Session.