Mercury retrograde play havoc with your work, daily responsibilities and health for most of November. Don’t let it get you down. With love goddess, Venus, in your relationship sector, you have a sympathetic soul on hand to ease your troubles or at least distract you from them. The spring in your step returns around the 21st and you feel capable and in control again. Frustrations resolve, life moves forward, and you can play a more active role in key partnerships. Romance is all but guaranteed on the 25th. Late in the month, your spidey senses are on fleek, as you tune into the shared emotional atmosphere.


1st – 21st Mercury retrograde – frustrations in your work and daily responsibilities

2nd – 26th Venus into Sagittarius – good times with your special someone

13th Full moon 19° Taurus

20th Mars into Scorpio – frustrations resolved, everything starts moving again

23rd Sun into Sagittarius – seek out relationships + partnerships

25th Venus conjunct Jupiter 28° Sagittarius – romantic highlight

26th Venus into Capricorn – financial windfall or deepening of emotional commitment

27th New moon 4° Sagittarius

28th Neptune stations direct 15° Pisces – collective concerns

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