You’d be forgiven for not seeing the fresh seeds that are being planted in your career sector. With your ruling planet, Mercury, is mixed up with Neptune and retrograde, making your public life feel dazed and confused. All you have to go on is your intuition – and right now that is all you’ve got, so go with it.

Relaxing a little around your career and public life will make March much more pleasant. Know that the fog will lift, mistakes will be forgotten, and everything will be fine. Better than fine actually as career possibilities you couldn’t have intellectually conceived come forth from the imaginal world.

Venus provides an ideal diversion as she journeys through your travel sector. Follow her seductive steps as she beckons you to discover unfamiliar places and foreign ideas. Your time away will be even more fun if you rope in a couple of friends.

Thanks to Uranus move into Taurus, you have top secret ideas ideas bubbling away in the back of your mind and a soulful getaway would help clarify your thoughts. Time alone to think your very active thoughts will be much needed over the next seven years.

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