Home is where your heart is as September begins as a new mode of living and relating to your family emerges. You may enjoy being the perfect host as you entertain extra house guests. Notice how you experience this swelling of creativity deep within as latent psychological material awakens. Work with it, not against it.

By mid-month you will be very aware of the security issues that have been stirred up as the full moon reveals what was once comfortably hidden. Around the full moon in Pisces reveals a wealth of intuitive information about you career direction, at the same time as Saturn calls for responsibility and commitment to your long-term financial plans.

Mercury is travelling with Venus into Libra giving you a little boost from lady luck. As the second half of September progresses, you’ll notice an increasing desire to have fun again. Relax and play to your heart’s content as the stars encourage the pursuit of pleasure and creativity. This culminates at the very end of the month with the Libra new moon. Get social again, and make plans to go out with friends doing what you love.

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