Your financial situation is up for celestial realignment in July as the eclipses highlight your money and security axis. The solar eclipse opens the way for new sources of income to create financial security. Being able to generate a currency of nourishment and sustenance is critical to your self esteem. Most humans in the modern world do so by earning money. If you’re perpetually hungry for more, this eclipse may point to a need to grow your definitions of value and worth. Realign your relationship to wealth and what you need to feel abundant. Hint: There’s more to it than a certain amount in your bank account.

That said, there’s no denying the fiscal realities of this material plane. Your bank manager doesn’t care about your plans to manifest abundance at a law of attraction seminar. She wants to see the figures. The lunar eclipse indicates that paying down debt and appeasing contractual requirements is critical to fertile financial conditions in both the short and long term. Relish getting your hands dirty in the Earth element and you’ll sleep much better at night.

Be cautious about committing yourself too soon though. Shopping around for the best deals and don’t be pressured into limited time offers. You’re smarter than that, and, with your ruling planet, Mercury, heading retrograde from the 8th, you do not have all the information you need. Think of July as information gathering and August as the time to sign on the dotted line. Welcome the possibilities and unusual offers that come your way, keeping in mind that not everything you learn in July will turn out to be true.

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