Fresh avenues for fun and pleasure are coming your way with the new moon on the 5th thanks to the beautiful new moon in fellow Earth sign, Taurus. It’s likely to be home-based with a technological twist. Perhaps it’s a new shoot-em-up computer game as a cathartic outlet for your murderous fantasies? Perhaps you get a turbo-charged new kitchen blitzing appliance that fills you with disproportional glee? Whatever floats your boat, visceral pleasures are on offer.

If the fecund offerings of new moon don’t satisfy your need for a good time, you can lose yourself in your work. Late hours, alone, battling spreadsheets and business plans, your efforts unrecognised by management, sustained only by ambition and yesterday’s leftover lunch… Is it a Capricornian dream or nightmare? This is the big question that bookends the month of May. You love a solo challenge but does it fulfil you? Is it meaningful if no-one acknowledges your achievement?

You’re open to alternate points of view, so why not ask your friends for their thoughts under the Scorpio full moon on 19th May. Watch out though, you might just have a good time during the conversation.

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