July’s eclipses mean that the huge changes underway in your life are set to accelerate. The solar eclipse offers fresh relationship opportunities and, more broadly, indicates a new approach to relationships in general. You are initiating a softer, more intimate connection with your partner – or, if you are looking to start a new relationship, you will be drawn to a safe and nourishing emotional connection. Business partnerships benefit from this more emotionally aware way of interacting.

To adequately nourish your interpersonal life, you need to let go of the high expectations you have of yourself. The lunar eclipse shows you the emotional cost of all that high achieving. You don’t have to be striving all of the time. You are worthy, right now, exactly as you are. Forgive yourself for moments of weakness, those times you took action based on fear and a sense of inadequacy. You have a deep understanding of the shadow side of human experience, and rather than making you hard and broken, it makes you worldly and complete – and that is something to be celebrated.

Don’t worry. These feelings won’t last long. While this soul-raking is fascinating for a time, you prefer to tinker with the material world.  Mercury retrograde will soon give you something to fix. The mental mischief may cause some initial anxiety, especially around debt and shared resources. It’s a good time to check (and renegotiate) loans, contracts, and other long-term commitments. Safety and security in partnership is Mercury’s real mission.

Yes, just as the month begins with partnership matters, it ends with a strong sense of deja vu thanks to the time-bending tricks of Mercury retrograde. Used wisely by a worldly seagoat, it could well be an excellent opportunity to seal a slippery deal.

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