You’ve felt stuck lately and are just about ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat. Don’t. Just take a little time out instead. Overseas adventures and international connections stoke your creativity. Listen to unfamiliar stories and you are guaranteed to learn something new. This outside stimulation is an excellent antidote to the lingering doldrums.

This begins to free up mid-month as your ruling planet, Saturn stations direct at the same time around the imaginative full moon in Pisces. This is a turning point as forgotten dreams start to feel achievable again. You’re practical enough to know that it takes a lot more than blind faith and inspiration to make it happen but the noticeable shift in your mindset, helps bring clarity to your vision.

Having taken that quick trip and had some fun, the end of the month brings your focus back to work. The new moon in Libra brings the sweet smell of success to your career sector. Amp up your corporate charm and you might just schmooze your way to the corner office.

It’s a big year for Capricorns. Find out what it means for you in a private consultation now.