This Mercury retrograde is going to hit you hard because the communication planet is going backwards in your communication sector. Getting your message across will be like speaking a foreign language with a mouthful of marbles. While you can take precautions and double-check for clarity, you will also need to be patient with the inevitable misunderstandings.

Amid all this confusion is a magical new moon that encourages you to believe in the ideas formed at this time. Something small that is sparked, perhaps during a convoluted conversation with a neighbour or sibling, will grow into something much bigger.

Venus in your income sector helps with your cash flow, and attracting money to you. With Mercury retrograde, don’t waste time trying to count those pennies. Use your Venusian charm to negotiate a better deal for yourself. Invest in fine quality items but take care not to overspend.

Inspiration is unleashed as Uranus moves into Taurus. Over the next seven years, play becomes an expression of your authenticity. Let your inner child run while and have some fun trying new sports and hobbies. The impulsive pursuit of pleasure may even create romantic opportunities.

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