July’s eclipses emphasise you and what you want from life. Are you successfully steering your life where you want to go? The eclipses will make the answer to that question glaringly obvious. The solar eclipse on 3rd July signals new directions and granting yourself the authority begin. You might not know exactly where you want to go, but starting something at this time is important.

Unfortunately, your partner doesn’t have access to the same expansive opportunities. The lunar eclipse on 17th July peels back the emotions and asks a very basic question: Do you help them through this rough patch or bail out? The answer lies within your heart. Trust that deep truth – even if it throws up a lot of ‘real world’ complications.

Just when you think all the tough decisions have been made, Mercury turns retrograde. A review of your income and expenditure leads you back to the same big questions about where you’re heading and who you’re taking with you. Communicating with your partner isn’t just talking about what you need, it’s also listening. Step back from your (very) subjective position and try to see the situation from an alternate (if not objective) point-of-view.

Despite the challenges that July brings (or perhaps because of them), you’ll feel stronger and more confident as July comes to a close. In the last week of the month, you will begin to see improvements in your financial situation that promises to swell into a justified sense of pride in August. It’s best to wait till Mercury is direct before you crack the champagne and kick up your heels.

It’s your birthday season, which means it’s the perfect time to book in for a Solar Return Session. Make the most of the year ahead and ensure that this birthday is a very happy return.