Venus coming into your intimacy sector helps deepen your understanding of the power dynamics with a partner (business or romantic). Finding common ground on financial issues and binding agreements is healing salve for relationship wounds.

With your significant partnership in better shape, you can turn your attention further afield. The new moon in your travel sector promises adventure and new discoveries on your horizon, although with Mercury also retrograde here, you’ll need to wait patiently for the magic to manifest.

Even your best laid travel plans are likely to come unravelled this month due to Mercury retrograde offering miscommunication and missed connections. If you can deal with these complications without becoming despondent, it’s a lovely time to break your usual routine and meet new friends.

Uranus’ move into Taurus is bringing weird and wonderful people into your orbit over the next seven years. Your friendships and group associations will evolve and change quickly as you connect with your network without compromising your individual ideals.

If the full moon rankles ongoing sore points in your chart, this is an indication to step back from the emotional entanglements.

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