With lovely Venus riding high in your chart, May continues to look sweet on the work front until the 15th May. Expect a nice career opportunity or some recognition on the 9th May. If nothing is on your radar, create your own luck by scheduling a key meeting or timing a pet submission for that day.

Mars exits Gemini on the 16th May, where he has been busy working behind the scenes. From mid-month, the warrior planet comes into your sign and challenges you to move forward deliberately and purposefully. This is where you take ground-level action to execute the strategic shifts that are being reflected to you through your most significant partnership.

The new moon in Taurus on the 5th May is your luckiest moon of the year so aim your intentions for the stars and beyond. You have an innate sense of what to let go of and where to focus your energy. The indications are particularly positive for cooperative projects and collaborations.

The Scorpio full moon encourages you to reveal your playful side and reconnect with whatever activities bring you joy and pleasure.  Yes, that could mean a spot of romance for those in the market.

Eclipse season is coming for you, Cancer. Book a Year Ahead Session for personalised timing and interpretations.