Your communication sector is lit up early in September indicating that you’ll be exchanging ideas with your peers and doing a lot of travel in your local area. Your thought processes are more nuanced and your self expression becomes clearer. New levels of connection and familiarity can grow in this period so strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.

News from an overseas connection could come around the full moon. The yearning to explore through travel is amplified. Dreams are activated and the desire for spiritual connection is strong. With Saturn stationing in your relationship sector around the same time, it’s important to include your partner in your decision making process; they will offer a more grounded perspective. It’s likely that an ongoing partnership issue will finally be resolved or released.

September closes with a new moon that encourages you to seek new balance and harmony in your home and family life. With Mars poised for action, talk about beautifying your abode through renovation and decoration could move forward. Find new ways to create a sense of inner peace.

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