See the Good Things

I’ve read about gratitude jars before but I’d seen too many Pinterest posts of antique jars, perfectly personalised, next to fresh flowers on a DIY makeover bookshelf full of vintage classics. My bookshelf is a mess, my hoard of jars is covered in dust under the house, and it’s been months, possibly years, since I’ve had need of a vase.


Have you heard that the energy you send out into the world is what you get back? Emotions travel out from the individual like sound waves through the subtle layers of the energetic body and are echoed back by other energetic bodies that are vibrating at a similar frequency. Resonance is the recognition of similar energies.

What is Transpersonal Counselling?

Transpersonal counselling is a holistic approach that includes the spiritual dimensions of human experience and accepts that all human experience has the potential to lead to growth. Crisis, illness and difficulty are placed within this larger context of growth and becoming.

My role as a transpersonal counsellor is to assist you in living consciously, to awaken new possibilities, and to bring the inspiration of the spiritual into the realities of everyday life.

Living Astrology

You are the whole zodiac – even though you’re a particular sun and moon sign, you embody the entire zodiac. All twelve signs.

The simplest way to experience this wholeness is to follow the Sun’s journey around the zodiac. The moon phases are another lovely way to follow the cycles of nature. The changing shape of the moon is created by the amount of light she reflects, which changes as she moves in relation to the Sun and the Earth.

The dance between the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth is captured in your own natal chart by your Moon sign, your Sun sign, and your Ascendant.

Sensitivity is a Super Power

This world certainly seems crazy at times. You only have to turn on the news to be assaulted by a steady stream of violence, death, oppression, and cruelty. Despite this, we are here. This is our place to experience life.

It is natural to become tired and long to ‘go home’ to the beautiful realm of peace and oneness that we glimpse in our dreams, visions, and meditations.