Necessary responsibilities are top priority at the start of the month. You need to refine your daily habits, particularly around your work routines and healthcare rituals, so that they nourish the bigger picture. Mars in Virgo provides you with the focused oomph to get things done right through until early October. You can’t build a stable and sustainable career if you’re not looking after your holistic wellbeing.

While work and the material aspects of life are the primary focus of your time and energy in September, all work and no play leads Aries into burnout. Saturn’s standstill and the full moon in Pisces mid-month is a great time to pause and recharge. In this quiet and still state you will receive subconscious messages, that help you reflect on your most visible social role. Be open to this hidden wisdom and the benefits of resting.

The new moon in Libra at the end of the month promises romance and collaboration with partners. Look for ways you can be present for your partner. Practical acts of service will be appreciated and demonstrate how you think of your partner’s needs (as well as your own).

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