Fun times with friends beckon for most of March. It’s also a time when your networks offer your support and encouragement, so ask for assistance as required.

Watch you don’t overdo the social commitments though. Your active social life coupled with the burdens you’re dealing with at work, and you run the risk of burning out. You’re at the end of your annual solar cycle and are due for an infusion of star light on your birthday. You’ll be firing of all cylinders again once the Sun moves into your sign on the 21st so take it a little easy till then.

Not only do you need to allow more time than usual for rest and recovery; it’s also important to have time alone to unravel mental knots and imagine fresh scenarios. Maybe it’s time to develop an exit plan in your current career and skill up for a new income source?

Uranus’ arrival in Taurus opens a new chapter in your income sector. However you earn your money now, you’ll be doing something completely different in seven years time, and have had a few twists and turns in between.

Happy birthday! Treat yourself to a Solar Return Session.