Self expression is the broad theme of May making it a great month to blow your own trumpet. Check you have the facts to back up your opinions. Going off half-cocked is very Aries and you may need to do some quick thinking to resolve the situation. Straight-forward and honourable is your best approach.

Say your piece before your ruling planet, Mars, moves into Cancer on the 16th May. Strong challenges to your plans builds from then on as Mars moves into opposition with the no-nonsense trio of Pluto, Saturn, and the South Node in Capricorn. If you have gone too far, this is when karma (in the form of your boss or public opinion) is likely to pull you back into line.

The Taurus new moon in your income sector on the 5th May is a great time to review not only your financial comings and goings, but also your alignment with your deeper values. Set fresh intentions around your personal priorities and core values to help you navigate the turbulent months ahead.

Continuing the financial theme, the Scorpio full moon on the 19th May reveals a need for a change in your long-term strategy that builds security while simultaneously satisfying your need for freedom and mobility.

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