July’s eclipses emphasise the balance (or lack thereof) between your public and private life. While there is ongoing pressure in your career, ultimately the most satisfying pathway forward is through new levels of intimacy and connection with family, home and ancestors promised by the solar eclipse on 3rd July. Any displeasure from bureaucratic and corporate authorities will be revealed around the lunar eclipse on 17th July but is likely to pass quickly. Do what you have to do to meet your public responsibilities, but do no more than necessary. Your future is focused on your private life.

The second week of July is likely to bring heightened energy and a few surprises – unfortunately, not all of them will be pleasant. Your ruling planet, Mars, is taunted by stationing Mercury, but, unable to catch the retrograde trickster, Mars vents his frustration at Uranus instead. Do not be tempted by high risk for unlikely reward. If you’re a gambler, avoid situations where you may impulsively over-commit your resources. Children will be energetic – and cranky if they’re not running off that youthful energy.  Don’t bother arguing with them. Take them to the park and run them ragged. The physical exercise will also be an outlet for the erratic energy you are holding within your body.

In keeping with the family theme highlighted by the lunar eclipse, Mercury retrograde (which begins on 8th July) introduces alternate ways of communicating with your nearest and dearest. Conversations about your home meander and family decisions are under review. Don’t be tempted to lock anything in too soon. Anticipate positive indications in the last week of July, with more information becoming available in August.

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