September opens with a strong emphasis on shared resources – your partner’s financial situation, your retirement plans, who’s putting the most time, money and energy into a relationship. Pay attention to the details but don’t get too tit for tat your partner. And for goodness sake, just do your taxes.

Mid-month marks an almost imperceptible shift. It isn’t just your imagination. In fact, imagination is an integral part of this new feeling of being in flow with the universe. Don’t just imagine what could go wrong; imagine what could go right. Then look for signs – many Aquarians see patterns in numbers – in your environment as confirmation. In real world terms, there may be a shift in your finances. Growth requires faith and a willingness to leave your comfort zone.

There’s a reward for all this hard word that comes in late September, as the new moon in Libra stimulates divine inspiration and exploration in your travel sector. If you’ve dreamt of taking a trip, the sweet connection between Jupiter and Venus could see you packing your bags,

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