Lady luck is on your side for most of March, attracting good times and harmony into your life. Tune in to your body and listen to your physiological response to the opportunities that come your way.  Say ‘yes’ to the ones that excite the butterflies in your belly and open up fresh possibilities.

With Venus in your own sign, you’re looking good and attracting positive attention. Keep your interpersonal interactions light and friendly and you’ll be surprised by the favours that fall your way.

The new financial beginnings that are seeded at the new moon may look hazy at first, but give it time. Dream big and let it unfold organically. Spend time creating a vision board, not categorising your expenditure. Mercury retrograde in your income sector means that it’s hard to get a clear picture of your financial situation.

Liberating Uranus moves into Taurus and will liven up your home life over the next seven years. Putting down roots is off your agenda as you seek to explore and experiment with new ways of living. It’s not just moving house; your definition of family becomes more progressive. You may even make surprising discoveries about your ancestors.

You’re in a new solar year. It’s time for your Solar Return Session.