July’s eclipses emphasise your need for time alone and acts of service. The solar eclipse on the 3rd July is calling in new ways of managing your health and new conditions on the job. As this larger cycle of self-care and nurturing everyday activities slowly begins, the lunar eclipse on the 17th July reveals the obstacles blocking your way. It’s probably not external circumstances; a few unlucky Aquarians will discover that they’re being undermined by a hidden enemy! Before you jump to paranoid conclusions, serious self-examination is required. In what ways are you are your own worse enemy?

This isn’t a fun line of enquiry but these eclipses are all about getting really real and honest with yourself. If you make peace with that self-sabotaging inner critic and introduce new habits that nourish your soul, your inner flame will burn brighter and propel you towards your dreams.

Mercury retrograde from the 8th July adds mayhem and confusion to your soul-searching and reality building. Initially, you’ll notice scrambled communication with your significant other and complicated one-on-one conversations of all kinds. Mercury then brings intuitive reasoning to your well-being sector. Further research that investigates the mind-body connection or seeking a second opinion is likely to be helpful for medical matters in particular. It’s also a great time to experiment with your work routines to see what feels best.

In the last week of July, relationships complications ease as both the Sun and Venus bring warmth and joy to your partnership sector. This is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to a partner and begin to reconnect after the discord that occurred earlier in the month (like that blow-up on the 11th – eek!).

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