The Taurus new moon on the 5th May offers a clean start at home or with your family. Organising family activities and neighbourhood gatherings creates a sense of comfort and stability. Draw upon this blend of cohesion and dynamism in coming months to build a fresh psychological platform from the ground up.

May has a sense of happily working hard behind the scenes, knowing that the work you do now is sure to bear fruit in time. Your faith in a fruitful outcome may waver in the second half of the month. In time, however, you will grow more comfortable with the perceived risks.

The Scorpio full moon on 19th May brings a career matter to a peak. You may secure a deal or be publicly recognised in some way for your tireless contribution. Although not completely comfortable in the spotlight, embrace this external acknowledgement as confirmation that you have substance to match your quirky style. If nothing else, it’s a great boost to your confidence.

True celebrations are likely to be deferred until after the 21st, when Gemini season reignites your search for pleasure and play.

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