New Moon in Virgo – August 2019

This is a mega Virgo new moon. Virgo is mutable Earth so you’re looking to breakdown and reform your material world.

Imagine working clay in your hands and moulding it into what you have conceived in your mind’s eye. It’s not enough to just visualise it; you need to get hands-on, massage it to make it pliable, and then apply your skills to give birth to your plan in the material world.

The new moon in Virgo is boosted by Mercury, Mars, and Venus also in Virgo. This configuration of several planets in one sign is called a stellium and makes this a highly charged area of your chart. Really focus on the house occupied by Virgo in your natal, as that effort flows out to the rest of your chart (and life) through planetary rulerships.

The new moon forms an exact trine to Uranus in Taurus which will help you put changes in practice. And it will be practice. Uranus loves to experiment and try new ways of doing things, and Virgo never rests on her laurels.

Virgo works hard and critically evaluates the output of that work. Use those classic Virgo traits of perfectionism for good. Criticism can be constructive and using that discerning eye to identify problems is a necessary step before taking action to improve the situation.

My hairdresser is a Virgo and he is brilliant. Like any good Virgo, he balances out perfectionism with practicality. What is going to work in the real world? Can this style be maintained? Will it work for my client?

The many gifts of Virgo (balanced by the opposite sign Pisces) reminds me of this classic:

Knowing when to graciously step away from an imperfect situation and begin anew is encapsulated in this new moon.

This new moon in Virgo offers ease and flexibility in the face of the rupturing energy of Uranus and the authoritarian block of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. It’s your chance to introduce changes to a stuck situation. (Uranus is still at 6° Taurus.)

Virgo tells you to focus and start small. Tinker with the details. Soon those small changes will ripple out and help you rebuild your life.

This Virgo new moon tells us that there is more ‘cosmic give’ in what has seemed like an immovable challenge. Bend and reform the situation to your will – Mars is very close to the new moon and also gives you courage.

New options appear and, even if they don’t appear organically, you are empowered to take action to create the change that is necessary.

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New moon at 6° Virgo

Brisbane, Australia: 30 August 2019, 8:37 pm

New Delhi, India: 30 August 2019, 4:07 pm

London, UK: 30 August 2019, 11:37 am

New York, USA: 30 August 2019, 6:37 am

new moon in virgo


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