New Moon in Gemini – June 2019

The Gemini new moon  helps you lighten up. With the Cancer/Capricorn axis bringing a solemn focus on release and renewal throughout 2019, it’s nice to get a bit of intellectual distance and not take everything so seriously. Play with some new ideas. Maybe even have a bit of laugh.

With Mars and Mercury moving through Cancer in June, the tension is dialling up towards July’s eclipses.

All the more reason to actively pursue the aspects of life that bring you pleasure and delight.

This Gemini new moon is your change to play with the curious, mischievous energy of the twins. Ruled by Mercury, it’s a lovely lunation for initiating writing projects, language classes, courses of study, upgrading your car or mobile phone. The gifts of Mercury are refreshed and renewed by this moon.

Whichever house is activated by this Gemini new moon in your chart (check your horoscope for more details):

  • Keep it light and cheerful
  • Share your ideas freely with others
  • Listen to what other have to share
  • Pass along a titbit of information and changes someone’s life.

Sometimes as an astrologer, the most helpful thing I can do to help someone is to refer them to another professional. The ‘on earth’ situation that is described by the stars, is often waiting for a small piece of the puzzle that a Gemini (me!) can provide. It may be a specialised therapist or a real estate agent. It may be a book recommendation or shop that has exactly what they’re looking for.

Never underestimate the power of small coincidences.

Geminis connect. Not in that soft and squishy Venusian way; it’s more plug and go. Like all those wires at the back of the computer that keep the information flowing. Like recognising the pattern and putting something together playfully.

Usually we don’t really notice or appreciate these myriad connections – in our minds, in our communities – until something goes wrong and the information you need isn’t getting through.

This new moon clears the channels of communication and ideas flow. The opposition to Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces watching from wings ensures the flow will be abundant. Better have pen and paper handy!

Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Mercury, ruler of this new moon, is placed strongly at home in Gemini 27 degrees and moving quickly. Mercury is free to do his thing but with the square to Neptune being specific about what that thing is could be hard to narrow down.

Flit around. Play. Let your inner trickster out. Take notes. Spread good news.

There’s intensity building as the moon waxes, so enjoy the light breezy vibes while you can.

New moon 12˚ Gemini

Brisbane 8:01 pm, Monday 3rd June 2019

New York 6:01 am, Monday 3rd June 2019

London 11:01 am, Monday 3rd June 2019

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