Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 2019

This Sagittarius full moon glows bright, shiny and optimistic beside Jupiter and embodies all the goodness that 2019 has to offer.

Meanwhile, the planets in Cancer and Capricorn are staring daggers at each other.

One part of your life is looking pretty darn sweet – balloons, cake, champagne, high fives.

That other thing though is darker and more menacing than a low-budget Aussie horror film about a serial killer in the outback.

This Sagittarius full moon highlights the good stuff but it’s also hooked into the big outer planet themes of 2019.

The full moon is aligned with Jupiter in Sagittarius just as Jupiter perfects the second of three squares to Neptune in Pisces. This aspect has been expanding (and less likely but possibly over-inflating) your dreams.

Neptune,in turn, is tightly sextile to Saturn in Capricorn. This brings a sense of practicality to your goals and ambitions, and helps you do the work in the material world to make those dreams a reality. Neptune also provides a welcome escape from the relentless purging underway in the Capricorn sector of your chart. (Check your horoscope for more details.)

Saturn has been sensitised by recent encounters with Mars and Mercury crossing the north node in Cancer.  Mars and Mercury are quick planets. They like to be amused or have something to do. The north node is hungry too. This combination in Cancer creates an emotional urgency to have one’s needs met immediately. Sparks – and tears! – fly as the slow-moving authorities in Capricorn remain immovable.

All this happening under a Sagittarius full moon drunk on Jupiter juice.

It’s not all good, but it’s definitely not all bad.

If something rough happens to you, look for the silver lining.

If something good happens to you, look for the potential pitfalls.

Let go of the illusion of “having it all” or at least of having only good stuff, all the time. It’s just not realistic. No-one’s life is insta-perfect and buying into that illusion will make you miserable.

Appreciate all your blessings and all the challenges. Your imperfect life can be absolutely flawsome.

Full moon 25˚ Sagittarius

Brisbane 6:30 pm, Monday 17 June 2019

New York 4:30 pm, Sunday 16 June 2019

London 9:30 pm, Sunday 16 June 2019

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