Full Moon in Scorpio – May 2019

This full moon in May 2019 is pure, unadulterated Scorpio. The Scorpio full moon is hyper aware, revealing what is hidden in the shadows. Whatever you have tried to hide (or hide from) now cannot be ignored.

Ruler of this full moon is Mars. Mars is in Cancer. Mars is the ruler of Scorpio and the Moon rules Cancer. You have a planetary house swap here, called a mutual reception. This means both planets have a vested interest in what happens in each other’s sign and will put in the effort to share information and support each other.

So even though neither planet is particularly happy in their current accommodation, they have an emotional hotline to the landlord and can make bids to have their needs met and are likely to be met with a sympathetic response.

Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs, so navigate the world in an emotional way. It’s not about thinking, sensing, or knowing; for these signs (and also fellow water sign, Pisces), it’s all about feeling.

So feelings are peaking right now with this Scorpio full moon. You need to use the sharpness of Mars to cut through the emotional/psychic noise to find the useful material and also to decide what you will retain and what you will discard.

That which is unseen/unsaid/unheard is where the truth is.

At the solar end of the full moon polarity, Mercury sits with the Sun in Taurus. When a planet is that close to the Sun, it cannot be seen or heard. It’s function is overwhelmed by the burning, blinding light of the Sun.

With Mercury it is thinking and communicating that is being scorched. When you cannot think or communicate, what do you do? You feel your way forward and use your other senses (smell, taste, touch) to send and receive information about your environment.

Like a submarine moving under ice, the fixed water of Scorpio gathers a lot of intelligence but reveals little. The Scorpio full moon of May 2019 brings this hidden material to the surface. Expect the impassive ice to crack.

Check your horoscope for more.

Full moon 27˚ Scorpio

Brisbane 7:11 am, Sunday 19 May 2019

New York 5:11 pm, Saturday 18 May 2019

London 10:11 pm, Saturday 18 May 2019

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