New Moon in Taurus – May 2019

What does the Taurus new moon in May 2019 bring you?

The moon loves to be in Taurus. Here the caring, nurturing qualities of the moon meet with the steady, practical bull. The soft and tender needs of the moon are securely held by the reliable and firm fixed Earth sign. Think of the responsive, available, magical-on-multiple-levels breast milk from a mammal providing liquid food for growth and comfort of her baby. Real earth mama stuff.

Since March 2019 though there’s been a techy twist, thanks to out-there Uranus moving into the cow paddock. New ideas have come in from outside. Far out ideas. At first these ideas are shunned as kooky and weird, but slowly the cows get used to the new presence. Over time, the unsettling presence is unsettling no more; merely a presence, that is usual and expected. Those ‘far out’ fringe ideas infiltrate the herd.

While this new moon is not conjunct Uranus, it is copresent in the same sign. The cows can see this robotic beast on the far side of their paddock but for the moment it can be avoided.

The awareness is definitely there though and you’d be silly to ignore the growing potential for bovine revolution.

The vaguely unsettled feeling (which is really the new Taurean normal) is made more noticeable at this new moon due to the condition of Venus (the planet that rules Taurus and oversees this new moon). Venus is in Aries. Venus likes to bring things together and create harmony. Aries likes to go it alone and take on challenges.

Being in the sign of war is an uneasy place for the goddess of love. In Aries, Venus is a livelier and more reactive than usual. She’ll fight for what she values.

Venus is doing what she can to keep the peace and maintain harmony, but really she’d much rather just ditch the whole situation. The discomfort and awkwardness is described by Venus’ applying square to newly retrograde Saturn in Capricorn and the nodal axis. Old ways are undoubtedly dying. Maybe now is time to try a different approach?

Taurus moves slowly and is reluctant to change, but there is an underlying need for novelty. Wherever you have Taurus in your chart, major change is happening thanks to Uranus.

At this Taurus new moon, Mars in Gemini opposite Jupiter in Sagittarius join the chorus advocating for excitement, discovery, and fresh challenges.

Some people will use this Taurus new moon to leap forward into the new reality. Others will become aware of the need for change for the first time.

It’s a 50-50 decision that will come down to natal factors in your own chart. Read your horoscope for more or book in for a consultation for a personalised session.

New moon 14˚ Taurus

Brisbane 8:45 am, Sunday 5 May 2019

New York 6:45 pm, Saturday 4 May 2019

London 11:45 pm, Saturday 4 May 2019

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