New moon in Pisces – March 2019

The Pisces new moon is the conception of new sources of inspiration, compassion, and oneness. You may feel sensitive and vulnerable so please avoid coarse people and discordant surroundings.

The darkness of the Pisces new moon in this changeable, intuitive water sign is highly susceptible to outside influences and can unconsciously take on the energy of the surrounding environment.

Claiming your space and taking responsibility for your existence in ‘the real world’ is a challenge at this time. Yes, we’re all connected; but we are also all separate individuals sharing this time and this place.

The Pisces new moon is conjunct Neptune, a planet famed for dissolving the boundaries of the ego. This dissolution is both a gift and a curse. The creative gifts and empathy bestowed by Neptune usually come with experiences of loss and surrender.

The ruler of the new moon, Jupiter, shines bright and strong in Sagittarius and forms a square to the new moon – Neptune conjunction.

Jupiter and Neptune share an expansive, boundless hunger for experience, imbuing this new moon with a dreamy, visionary quality. It is excellent for imagination and inspiration but not great on the details.

This is where Saturn in Capricorn (forming a sextile to the new moon) can offer support and help bring those far-fetched, high-minded ideals to Earth in practical ways.

There’s some awkwardness and instability accompanying this new moon as Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces the same day and Uranus moves into Taurus.

With Uranus changing signs there’s a strong impulse to make tangible changes at a lightning-fast pace; but, with Mercury retrograde, you’ve forgotten something important like your passport or keys (perhaps literally if you are travelling at this time) and struggle to gain conventional access to the new territory.

Go back and re-imagine your future. Your horoscope is a great way to feed your inspiration.


New Moon at 15° Pisces

7 Mar 2019, 2:03 am AEST (Brisbane)

6 Mar 2019, 4:03 pm UTC (London)

6 Mar 2019, 11:03 am EST (New York)

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