Full moon in Libra – March 2019

The Libra full moon invariably turns attention to relationships. The light of the full moon exposes the need for balance in partnership.

Questions that may arise under this revealing lunar light: How much do you give? Too much? Not enough? Is it fair?

Ruler of the Libra full moon is Venus. Venus is currently in Aquarius, a compatible air sign that enhances the charming social exchanges of Libra. Aquarius is cooler than Libra  – maybe due to that quirky sense of style, but I was thinking of Aquarius’ ruler, Saturn, which is considered to be cold and dry. The way we relate under this full moon is not overly close and intimate. There’s some objectivity and distance available to smooth over those full moon feels.

This Libra full moon is friendly.

Consider the important of friendship within your partnerships, whether they be romantic or professional relationships. A good friendship is supportive and not weighed down by onerous emotional obligations and entanglements. You accept your friend’s faults and probably love them more because of those faults. The distance between you creates goodwill.

Friendships outside of romantic relationships often support the romatic relationship – because they reduce the unrealistic expectation that one person should fulfill all you relationships needs. You don’t have to watch sports with your partner. Call a friend who shares your love of vintage farm machinery (or whatever).

Venus is tightly square to Mars in Taurus, encouraging creative friction as ideals of harmony rub up against sensual activity. Look for ways to connect and cooperate to get the most from this ardent combination.

Good times shouldn’t be difficult to come by as Jupiter is cheering Venus on from Sagittarius. This boosts the magnanimous, idealistic atmosphere, making it a wonderful full moon to celebrate life with your partner and your friends.

The languid influence of Mercury retrograde Pisces influence continues, so it’s a great time to relax and enjoy the magic of the full moon.

Read up on your relationships in your horoscope.

Full Moon at 0° Libra
21 Mar 2019, 11:42 am AEST (Brisbane)

21 Mar 2019, 1:42 pm UTC (London)

20 Mar 2019, 9:42 pm EST (New York)

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