Lunar eclipse in Leo – January 2019

Lunar eclipse at 0Ā° Leo

Monday 21 January 2019
Brisbane 3:15 pm
London 5.15 am
New York 12:15 am

The total lunar eclipse is 3 minutes before the full moon. It is centredĀ over the Americas, but also visible in Europe and Western Africa.

This is the final eclipse in the recent Leo/Aquarius series as the nodal axis has now moved into Cancer/Capricorn. It will bring a sense of completion to matters that have evolved rapidly over the last two years, particularly in relation to being seen as an individual and being part of the collective.

The revealing light of the full moon highlights what is coming to an end but also what is about to begin. A dramatic change of scene is underway.

With the Leo moon shining near the North Node in the emotional sign of Cancer, you can expect big emotions to be freely expressed. Not everyone will be comfortable with the wild and free overflowing of feelings.

Aquarius, the sign of the Sun, is an intellectual Air sign, ruled by cool Saturn, currently strong and stern in neighbouring Capricorn.

There’s a story only just beginning to unfold across the Cancer/Capricorn axis (see New Moon / Solar Eclipse post).

Saturn in Capricorn is tightly square to Mars in Aries. This aspect holds a lot of energy under great tension. It’s like pushing the brake and the accelerator at the same time. The car is revving but you’re getting nowhere.

To break the deadlock, you’ll need to let go (South Node) – of either the brake, or the accelerator, or both. Mercury’s proximity to South Node is asking you to think carefully before you act.

January is a liminal month. A time to wrap up old business and make new plans. The tide is shifting.

Which way are you heading? You’ll find some important clues in your horoscope.

Lunar eclipse in Leo January 2019

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