Full moon in Cancer December 2018

Full moon 1° Cancer

23 December 2018 | Brisbane 03:48
22 December 2018 | London 17:48 | New York 12:48

The full moon is at home in Cancer and, apart from a separating sextile to Uranus (which encourages healthy emotional freedom), the moon is pretty much a free agent.

The full moon in Cancer is emotional. It’s about family and/or your tribe. It’s be about feeling nourished. Your intuition will be heightened and you will need to be close to those you care about.

Matters that come up at this time may also foreshadow the eclipses that will begin in Cancer/Capricorn in January 2019.

Cancer is ruled by the moon and the moon is at her peak power at during the full moon phase of the monthly lunar cycle. The opposite sign, Capricorn, is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is about 1 year into a 3-year transit of Capricorn.

The moon and Saturn don’t have much in common and, and although only opposite by sign (rather than degree) at this full moon in Cancer, they are facing each other off from a position of equal strength. They are both in their home signs. Saturn securely rooted and authoritarian in Capricorn. The moon, a vast expanse of emotional wisdom in Cancer.

The Cancer/Capricorn axis presents contrasts between our home and the wider world, our private life and our public life, our intimate self versus our professional self.

The full moon in Cancer seems to be reflecting back the consequences of a harsh world.

What if you softened? What if you went slow? What if you let go of your ambitions? What if you could be content with what you already have and who you already are?

Could you create a space (a home, if you will) in which you are enough, exactly as you are, right now?

It’s a radical concept and well worth of consideration under the gentle light of the full moon in Cancer.

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