What does Jupiter in Sagittarius mean?

What does Jupiter in Sagittarius mean? Jupiter is the planet of expansion and growth so what can we expect when abundant Jupiter comes home to the adventurous sign of Sagittarius?

Jupiter in Sagittarius Predictions and Trends

Jupiter seeks meaning and amplifies belief through expansion beyond the personal world. As ruler of the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, Jupiter is free to explore and discover, acquire experience, and bequeath knowledge.

Jupiter will bring an optimistic, ‘glass half full’ approach to life and infuse you with the self-confidence to chase after your dreams.

Motivated by the search for meaning, Jupiter in Sagittarius will help you create your own good luck. Your willingness to take a chance is backed up by the belief in the benevolence of the universe.

This rise in confidence could also lead to increased dogmatism, loud-mouthed opinions, and boasting as some people will double-down on their own spiritual and moral beliefs and share them too freely.

Be wary of those that limit their quest for knowledge and have become peddlers of a corrupt, one-size-fits-all cultural vision.

The true spirit of Jupiter in Sagittarius is tolerant and seeks to understand difference.

Genuine teachers will emerge. You will recognise them as the ones that never stop learning.

In Sagittarius, it’s the big picture that matters most, so you may find that the details are lacking – but that’s the point. Don’t get bogged down by the practical details. Chase after your vision.

Look upward. Look outward. Imagine what else is possible.

Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and, spending about 1 year in each sign, takes 12 years to complete a full cycle of the zodiac.

Jupiter was named after the Roman King of the Gods. In ancient Greece, this God was known as Zeus. The King of the Gods upheld the moral order of civilisation and was famed for his healthy appetite for very earthly experiences. Putting the taste for excess, at its purest, Jupiter is all about seeking and sharing wisdom for the betterment of society.

According to traditional astrology, Jupiter is the greater benefic. Benefic planets are associated with light and the types of experiences that humans seek, as opposed to the darker malefic planets and the experiences that human prefer to avoid.

Jupiter is connected to fame, recognition, wealth, abundance, good fortune, and opportunities, and often features prominently in the charts of celebrities and royalty.

Jupiter throws open his arms and says a big yes to all that life has to offer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius is a key transit of the astrology of 2019

Looking back: Jupiter in Scorpio

During 2018, Jupiter in Scorpio shone the light of truth onto hidden abuse and corruption, particularly in relation to sex. There was the #metoo movement, investigations into institutionalised child abuse, and increased awareness of violence and discrimination perpetrated by men.

Look back on your own 2018. What opportunities came your way? Where did Jupiter bring growth and experience?

If you know your natal chart, look specifically at the house where you have Scorpio to really focus on the expansive opportunities that transiting Jupiter brought to you in 2018. (You can also book in for a consultation if you’d like some help understanding your unique birth chart.)

When will Jupiter be in Sagittarius?

8 Nov 2018 – Jupiter enters Sagittarius

10 Apr 2019 – Jupiter retrograde starts at 25° Sagittarius

11 Aug 2019 – Jupiter retrograde ends at 15° Sagittarius

2 Dec 2019 – Jupiter enters Capricorn.

Jupiter in Sagittarius Horoscopes for Each Sign

Jupiter in Sagittarius for ARIES

Jupiter has big plans for you, Aries, and will encourage you to expand your understanding of the world through travel or education. Your sense of curiosity and sense of adventure will be stimulated and you’ll seek our unfamiliar places to satisfy your hunger for the new experiences.

Even if you don’t go on a physical journey, you will be called to learn more about the world through reading and study. You may even take on a teaching role, publish a book, or start a website. Your interest in religion and philosophy will also increase.

Tip: You can never know it all, but you probably know enough – especially if you read the monthly forecast for Aries.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for TAURUS

Jupiter leads you to financial benefits through other people. Some of the possible ways this may happen are profiting from an investment, gaining access to your retirement savings, or receiving an inheritance.

You may also enter into a fortuitous financial partnership that pays dividends down the track, such as taking out a loan or starting a business partnership.

The deeper significance of the inevitabilities of life (death + taxes) and how they intersect with the material world becomes a growing area of interest. Your interest in hidden matters enhances your resilience and brings a healing dimension to difficult events.

Tip: Look for the opportunity within the crisis. Keep abreast of upcoming opportunities by reading the monthly forecast for Taurus.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for GEMINI

Jupiter puts you in the right place at the right time to meet the right people. You are sociable and agreeable which makes you a pleasant person to be around and good fortune will flow to you through interpersonal interaction. Existing relationships go smoothly and, for some very lucky Geminis, you may meet or marry that special someone.

Professional partnerships are likely to expand and fortuitous alliances will be formed. Jupiter also brings you fairness and favour in any legal matters. This is an excellent period to seek and accept the advice and assistance of others.

Tip: Keep your expectations of your partner reasonable. Stay informed by reading the monthly forecast for Gemini.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for CANCER

Jupiter promises you good vibes at work and improved health. This is an excellent time to start new ways of looking after yourself – a healthier diet, new exercise regime, stress management practice.

Positive health habits and self-care rituals boosts your health. Even if you do become unwell, Jupiter will protect against disease and damage.

Your everyday work routines also benefit through a positive attitude and willingness to learn and improve. Work will be busy but without significant recognition. It’s a period to consolidate your skills and expertise.

Tip: Don’t overdo it! Watch for over eating, over exercising and over working. Read the self-care tips in the monthly forecast for Cancer.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for LEO

The good times will definitely roll in 2019. Jupiter super sizes the potential in your realms of romance and recreation. Overall, there’s an increase in your enjoyment of the best things in life.

You’ll feel confident to express yourself freely, which is particularly good for artistic pursuits. For artists, this is likely to be a prolific period of creativity.

Relationships with children are positive. They learn and grow under your guidance. If you are hoping to add to your family, Jupiter will increase your fertility. If you aren’t, take extra care with contraception.

Tip: There actually can be too much of a good thing. Stay moderate by reading the monthly forecast for Leo.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for Virgo

Jupiter brings an expansive phase of growth at home and in your family. You’ll feel a most contented spending time at home and with your nearest and dearest. Your family may grow through new additions to the household.

This is a fortunate period for real estate ventures. You may decide to invest in property or move to a larger house. A luxurious renovation and redecoration is another potential manifestation.

Put down roots and enjoy your home + family life. You may also notice that you gain a new understanding of your parents and ancestral line, and your place within the generational story.

Tip: It’s a healing time for any psychological barriers you have around belonging. Stay connected by reading the monthly forecast for Virgo.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for Libra

Jupiter encourages you to think big in 2019. You will be full of big ideas with a passionate desire to learn. Your communication skills are also boosted. If you have always wanted to write a book, now is the perfect time.

Your interaction with your local community will increase and you will notice that you are generally busier in your neighbourhood. Opportunities for travel may come up, particularly connected with your siblings and relatives.

You’ll easily keep up with the news + current trends as your mind is hungry to understand how your inner world relates to the broader world around you.

Tip: This will be a busy period. Don’t overcommit yourself. Don’t gossip. Keep yourself up-to-date by reading the monthly forecast for Libra.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for Scorpio

The great news for you in 2018 is that expansive Jupiter has his sights on your income. It will grow! Your desire for material comfort increases, which encourages you to make money and gain wealth.

As you align your broader values with the material world, you develop a greater appreciation for your possessions and the benefits that they bring to your life.

This philosophy also flows outward. You are likely to spend more as you earn more and will also be called to use your resources for a higher good. The legacy of this transit is an increased understanding of the material world.

Tip: Watch you don’t become greedy or spend quicker than it comes in. The information in the monthly forecast for Scorpio is a valuable asset.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for SAGITTARIUS

Optimistic, generous Jupiter back home in your sign means that whatever you put out to the universe, you’ll get back threefold. It’s a great time to be a Sagittarius as, with Jupiter on hand, your natural charisma is off the charts.

You will gain new knowledge and experiences driven by your enthusiasm for personal growth. You will integrate spirituality and philosophy into your life and everything that you do.

This is a time of good luck and, if you fully engage with the quest for more knowledge, you will develop a new understanding of your place in the world.

Tip: Don’t become over-inflated with your own self-importance or put on too much weight. Maximise your luck by reading the monthly forecast for Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for CAPRICORN

Jupiter brings you a quiet optimism about the future. You will spend the next 12 months working on yourself and your broader vision. It is a time of spiritual learning, during which you will strengthen your intuition + psychic abilities.

Rewards flow to you through contemplation and meditation, and you will need more time alone to unleash the full benefits of this transit. You are keen to learn about your inner world, making shadow work particularly fruitful.

A spiritual teacher or mentor may enter your life – or you may become one yourself. Through supporting others you will provide yourself with the support that you seek.

Tip: Stay connected to the real world, taking time out to replenish as needed. Muse upon the monthly forecast for Capricorn.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for AQUARIUS

Jupiter creates expansion in your life through contacts and connections. You’ll be busy on the social scene, especially if you’re involved in activism and are getting together with your friends for a cause. Benefits will flow to you through your networks.

You will do your best work through collaboration with a team as Jupiter encourages you to align behind a common goal and motivates you to make the world a better place.

Your friends are generous and supportive. Align your social life with your altruistic vision and the good you do for others will flow back to you.

Tip: Make sure your social life is meaningful. Stay on purpose with the monthly forecast for Aquarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius for PISCES

Over the next year, Jupiter is all about expanding your career opportunities. You will notice more opportunities to advance your career coming your way, which is likely to lead to a promotion or an award. People think well of you and will recognise your accomplishments, publically enhancing your reputation.

You will feel confident with your work life and enjoy the support of a helpful boss or superior. Prepare to more visible in the public eye as you rise to prominence in your field. Fame is a possibility for some Pisceans.

Tip: Put in a little effort to maximise the rewards and stay humble when you reach your success. Plan you next career move with the monthly forecast for Pisces.

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