Venus Retrograde 2018

Venus retrograde is happening but there’s no need to panic. A little astrological knowledge can go a long way to alleviate the worst outcomes of this transit.

Navigating the deeply entrenched core values that come up during this transit can be tricky. Fortunately, there are mitigating factors to this Venus retrograde. The co-presence of Jupiter in Scorpio and Venus stationing direct in her home sign of Libra certainly points towards a satisfactory, if not happy, ending.

But first we all have to wade through some serious muck.

Looking to the west in the evening, you may have noticed the star that’s brighter than anything else in the sky in the evening. This evening star is Venus.

Venus, as this bright evening star, is at the stage of her cycle where she has shone as brightly as she can. She has reached her peak and will soon retreat to purify and replenish herself in the eternal flame of the Sun.

Over the coming weeks, she will disappear from view in the evening and then re-emerge as the morning star.

Since ancient times, this transition has been an omen of dynamic change.

In astrology, Venus brings things/people/ideas together. She creates harmony. Relationships of all kinds are her speciality, not just romance but also general social cohesion, the manners and customs that keeps the whole complex of human civilisation civilised.

When Venus changes direction and disappears from the sky, the usual niceties of this togetherness becomes distorted.

It is during this interruption to her usual motion that we begin to see the artifice of the mainstream arrangements – for example, conventions of polite conversation that cover up the reality of an abusive partnership.

Venus Retrograde 2018

Venus Retrograde in Scorpio

Venus’ primary significations are harmony, relationships, beauty. These are the themes that will be investigated and unpicked during Venus retrograde.

It’s a time of experimentation – between lovers, with your image, in your artistic expression. What is usual no longer suffices, as Venus in Scorpio dives under the surface and questions the conventions of how we relate to each other.

Scorpio is ruled by Mars. Mars and Venus are the classic lovers but it’s often forgotten that it was an illicit affair (because Venus was married to Vulcan). With Venus in Mars’ sign, there’s a lot of passion but there is also discord.

While in Scorpio, Venus is dressed as the femme fatale. She has a hypnotic quality that draws you into her web; sometimes, this magnetism goes against your better judgement but you feel compelled to respond to the psychic intensity.

During Venus retrograde in Scorpio, you’re wrestling with issues of self-worth, betrayal, how to express ‘ugly’ emotions. Jealousy, in particular, may arise at this time.

You can expect Venus retrograde in Scorpio to provide a deep emotional audit of your image, your self-esteem, your creativity, your spirituality, your materiality.

There’s a lot more to the Goddess of Love than meets the eye, a whole lot more than you probably want to know, but Scorpio is going to show you the truth, warts and all.

Once retrograde Venus is in Libra, the intensity of the transit will ease, as Venus is in her home sign with all the resources she needs to do what she does best, i.e. turn on the social charm and create harmony.


Venus Retrograde Tips + Cautions

  • Let yourself deviate from conventional expectations.
  • Don’t lock yourself into contracts, lovers, or aesthetic choices.
  • You’re likely to change their mind and so will other people.
  • True value is disguised. You might grab an amazing bargain. You might pay way too much.
  • It is natural to withdraw from relationships in order to reflect upon them.
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Venus Retrograde 2018 Key Dates

5 Oct – Venus retrograde starts at 10° Scorpio

9 Oct – New moon in Libra

11 Oct – Venus square Mars (Mars is close to the degree of his retrograde station in Aquarius, so think back to the end of June 2018.)

15 Oct – Mercury conjunct Venus

24 Oct – Full moon in Taurus

26 Oct – Sun conjunct Venus

31 Oct – Venus opposite Uranus before retrograde Venus returns to Libra

9 Nov – Venus trine Mars

16 Nov – Venus retrograde ends at 25° Libra


DIY Astrology

  • Planets and points at 0 – 11 degrees of Fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) will experience the most challenges and, ultimately, the most growth.
  • Planets and points at 25 – 30 degrees of Cardinal signs (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra) are also affected.
  • Planets and points in the first decan of Water and Earth signs, and the last 5 degrees of Air and Fire signs, which are more likely to welcome the changes and, therefore, have an easier growth experience.
  • Look back to Oct/Nov 2010 for some hot thematic clues as there will be echoes.
  • Similar themes and emotions may repeat, although, at a different time of life and under different astrological conditions, this Venus retrograde in Scorpio won’t be exactly the same.
  • Message me if you’d like to dive into a supported exploration of your chart in a private consultation.

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