Mars Retrograde 2018

Mars retrograde is happening and it’s best to be prepared for what can be a frustrating transit.

Mars is fight or flight. It’s your instinctive reaction to danger.

Sometimes we seek out danger – for the thrill, to test yourself, to prove that you are brave.

Mars is the energy that drives us onward when faced with a challenge. It’s that fire in the belly when faced with competition that drives us to go faster, further, and more furiously.

Mars is how you get what you want just because you want it.

Mars is raw. Mars is primitive. Mars keeps you alive and kicking.

Aquarius is the fixed air sign, whose mission is to uphold intellectual principles.

In Aquarius, Mars is the armed guard of those principles. Mars becomes the champion of collective ideals and is willing to fight for an abstract concept in the hope of changing the world.

So what happens when this defender of humanism wanders off duty?

Rationality and critical thinking is vulnerable to our animal natures.

Mars retrograde forces you to act in ways and in situations that are not familiar. This is lively instinctive reaction, rather than intellectually measured responses.

It’s too fast – or not fast enough.

It’s angry – if only you could find an outlet.

It’s impatient – OMG, how much longer?!

Those are all reactions. Notice them.

What are your reactions telling you?

Underneath the frustration is the wisdom of Mars retrograde. Stripped of all the excess paraphernalia, your authentic principles emerge and become a beacon for the future. Your focus is refined by the renewed confidence that comes with a clear mission.

General precautions + opportunities:

  • Conflict and challenges in group settings
  • Reassessing your motives + goals
  • Inflexibility creates mental stress (and potentially physical injuries)
  • Increase in unpredictable/rebellious behaviour
  • Above all else, take your time!

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13th May – Mars enters shadow at 28° Capricorn

17th May – Mars square Uranus (1st of 3 squares)

26th June – Mars stations retrograde at 9° Aquarius

27th July – Lunar eclipse at 4° Aquarius conjunct Mars + South Node

2nd Aug – Mars square Uranus (2nd of 3 squares)

14th Aug – Retrograde Mars enters Capricorn

28th Aug – Mars retrograde ends at 28° Capricorn

19th Sep – Mars square Uranus (3rd of 3 squares)

9 Oct – Mars out of shadow at 9° Aquarius



Sensitive degrees:

  • Planets and points at 0 – 9 degrees of Fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) and 28 – 30 degrees of Cardinal signs (Carpricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra) will experience the most challenges and, ultimately, the most growth.
  • Also check for planets and points in the early degrees of Air and Fire signs, and the last two degrees of Earth and Water signs, which are more likely to welcome the changes and, therefore, have an easier growth experience.

If you need help deciphering the symbols on your chart or interpreting the transits, I’m available for private consultations.


These horoscopes give big clues for what Mars retrograde means for each sign. They’re even more accurate if you read your rising sign.


As a Mars-ruled sign who likes to get ahead as quickly as possible, these months are going to be particularly frustrating for you. Don’t take every delay so personally.

In Aquarius, Mars retrograde is testing the traction in the actions of your friends and supporters. Are your friends and associates cheering you on or dragging you down? The South Node near Mars suggest that now’s the time to cut the losers loose.

If your friends and allies definitely have your back, you can go for it – just not yet. Moving towards your hopes and aspirations is going to be slower than you like – much slower – but that doesn’t mean you won’t get there.

Keep your eye on the prize. Be patient with your own progress. Appreciate your cheer squad. Check your monthly horoscope.



Mars isn’t a planet that has a lot in common with the slow and steady Bull. You prefer to take life at a measured pace, rather than breakneck speed.

Are you feeling increasingly ‘worked up’ about work? Perhaps frustrated by lack of progress? Uncharacteristic displays of anger and rash reactions are possible, so beware of releasing pent up steam in public or on social media.

Mars retrograde is at work in your career sector, and he’s staging an unconventional intervention while he’s there. It’s as if the handbrake is on and roadblocks have been erected. Measurable career progress is hard to come by – but only temporarily.

Keep a low profile. Use this time to modulate and consolidate your own energy. Spinning your wheels will lead to burn out. Read your monthly horoscope.



Gemini shares Mars’ love of speed, but prefers a little more intellectual finesse than the warrior usually offers. As Mars is extending his stay in Aquarius, the retrograde period gives you the chance to redirect your mental energy.

Mars retrograde is challenging you to see the world through fresh eyes. It begins with an idea or belief that you struggle to shift. Pushing onward and employing belligerent tactics won’t help.

Sit with these foreign concepts, despite the irritation. You’ll first need to recognise your fierce attachment to your own beliefs and ideals, before surrendering them and making room for new concepts.

Don’t struggle against conflicting beliefs. Accept a passive, indirect approach. Watch your intellectual bonds loosen and create space for adventurous new experiences. Stay informed with your monthly horoscope.



Mars prefers to avoid the soft + intimate realm of water sign Cancer. Used strategically, however, a navy projects power and confidence in peacetime and, in times of war, a warship is an instrument of control and destruction.

During Mars retrograde in Aquarius, you will be drawn to challenging situations that are, perhaps, not your own. Pick you battles carefully and cut away the insecurities that have been weighing you down.

You’ll dance on the cutting edge between being brave and assertive on the one hand, and, on the other, being an obstructive combination of feigned indifference and passive aggression.

Your Mars mission – whether you accept it or not – is to face your own demons, coolly confront the reality of mortality, and make (or break) calculated financial deals with aloof allies. Check your monthly horoscope.



The fiery warmth of Leo has a natural affinity to hot-blooded Mars. The independent, assertive style of Mars is dignified and tempered by the regal leadership style of Leo.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius occurs in your partnership sector so a fractured relationship is under furious review and, if not aligned to your humanist ideals, may come to a natural conclusion.

Knowing whether to stay or go requires a different kind of listening and responding – both to your own inner world and to your external circumstances.

Slowing down and taking a higher point-of-view is your best way forward, but also presents your greatest challenge.

Your actions are driven by your instinctive needs rather than your calm centre, and reactive situations will arise. What are you fighting for? Your monthly horoscope will help.



Virgo wields the sharp and potentially dangerous energy of Mars, like a physician’s scalpel or – to add a techy twist – like a laser. Thorough assessments are followed by decisive action based on clear discernment.

Mars retrograde in cerebral Aquarius takes Virgo from the comfortable surrounds of the physical world, into the world of abstract ideals – and forces a connection to be made between these two realms.

Mars is challenging you to react differently to the duties and obligations in your life. You slowly took on more and more, and trained yourself until these (bad?) habits were internalised.

Are you snarky about your daily responsibilities? Which ones deplete your health and wellbeing? They’re the ones to ditch. By the end of this period, your personal rituals will be healthy and contribute to your sense of vitality. Read your monthly horoscope.



As a Venus-ruled sign, Mars is a little awkward for you, Libra. You love him, sure, but his impulsiveness and directness are usually a recipe for social disaster.

During Mars retrograde in Aquarius, you’ll need to find a more-or-less harmless outlet to channel the frustration and unpredictability that will arise.

If you feel like taking a risk, make sure it’s carefully calculated to avoid major regrets later on. Gambling is a bad idea. Channel the pent up energy in a positive way by returning to a forgotten hobby or having fun with the kids.

The emotional experiences of the past are stirred up, particularly when Mars connects with the South Node. Express your emotions through art to help you unravel and release unresolved psychic material. It’s fuel for avant garde creative projects. Check your monthly horoscope.



As a Mars-ruled sign, used to applying your sharply honed instincts, this retrograde is going to be a testing time. Your intuition is going to be off and your powers of influence unreliable.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius is demanding change in your physical + psychosocial foundations.

Your home and family life is a minefield and, inevitably, someone is going to step on one of the mines. It’s actually a relief when it happens because everyone can stop ignoring the elephant in the room and begin to sort it all out.

With the seething undercurrent at home, who wouldn’t want to be elsewhere? Give yourself time to release those residual emotions in a healthy way. Gas lighting and passive aggressive behaviour creates a toxic environment for everyone, including you. Read you monthly horoscope.



Mars likes life in the fast lane, and so do you – although perhaps galloping over wide open plains is a better metaphor for the sign of the centaur. You’re all about taking the road less travelled, but slowing down isn’t your thing.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius means a change of pace in the thoughts and places and people you are most familiar with. It’s a time to test your relationship with your everyday and see what sticks.

If you’re involved in a simmering conflict with siblings and neighbours, Mars retrograde challenges you to approach the matter in an alternate way. Severing ties is one possibility, but so is engaging in the conflict from a new perspective, or perhaps refusing to engage at all.

Frustrations with local travel and communications could also arise. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Keep reading your monthly horoscope.



As a go-getting cardinal sign, you like Mars’ speed and self-motivation. You’re also smart enough to know that Mars needs a job to do to keep him out of trouble.

In Aquarius, Mars retrograde is taking an alternate approach to your finances. Your income is likely to be interrupted and also your spending habits. It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine.

Money is an ongoing hotspot over the next few months. Tempers may flare, particularly if you’ve mixed money with family + friends. Take a step back, do what needs to be done, and get back on mission.

Mars retrograde is asking you to realign your financial activities with a broader sense of your resources, not just the dollars and cents. Do your actions align with your own personal definition of abundance? Check your monthly horoscope.



Mars is a little hot-headed and impulsive for you to trust him completely, but you admire his willingness to fight the good fight.

With Mars retrograde in your own sign, you need to harness your own wild and unpredictable tendencies, and direct this source of raw passion towards the ideas you care about most. It’lll take a while to work out how.

Get in touch with you own instinctive nature and accept that you are not a completely rational being. Assert yourself for yourself and take authoritative action on your own behalf, not just as the champion of an abstract principle.

Trying to hide your raw motivations will create additional stress, which could cause accidents + injury. Cut ties with ideas that hold you back, and move towards creating your own thriving future. Stay informed with your monthly horoscope.



Mars moves awkwardly when splashing around in the serenity of your watery world and is usually oblivious to the turbulent currents that swirl beneath the surface.

Mars retrograde in Aquarius is tucked away from public view, stirring up the skeletons in your closet and clearing them out to make way for fabulous new things to come. It’s all on the go-slow for now though so be patient.

Your secret plans are connected to money and travel. There may be an untapped source of income available to you through an international connection or publishing opportunity.

Keep it all on the low-low for the time being as Mars retrograde is doing his best work for you behind the scenes. Take some time out away from your usual activities – to be alone and divine your direction. There’s a spiritual dimension to what is unfolding. Check your monthly horoscope.

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