What is Transpersonal Counselling?

Transpersonal counselling is a holistic approach that includes the spiritual dimensions of human experience and accepts that all human experience has the potential to lead to growth. Crisis, illness and difficulty are placed within this larger context of growth and becoming.

My role as a transpersonal counsellor is to assist you in living consciously, to awaken new possibilities, and to bring the inspiration of the spiritual into the realities of everyday life. I use techniques that help you open up to the knowledge found in non-ordinary states of consciousness. From here you gain access to new resources that can be applied to the challenges you are experiencing in your life.

This approach assists the releasing of unconscious and unhealthy patterns in order to live in the fullness of the eternal present. It promotes the claiming of the brightest, most empowered soul self.

A typical session will begin with a conversation about what’s been happening in your life and what you would like to accomplish from counselling. We explore the issue not only through talk-based therapy but also through transpersonal exploration.

I offer you a experiential process that is designed to shift your consciousness and give you access to new information about the issue being explored. Often the technique will involve changing your awareness to a receptive state of relaxation; however, there is a wide range of possibile states for you to explore.

You are free to accept or refuse the transpersonal process that I offer to you. At all times during transpersonal therapy, you remain in control. After all, it is your session – and your life.

I guide and support you as during your transpersonal exploration – essentially providing a safe and trusted container for whatever you experience.

We are all growing into our fullness and towards soulful realization. We are on a thrilling adventure saturated with meaning, depth and a responsibility to grow. It’s my great honour to support you on your journey.

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