Have you heard that the energy you send out into the world is what you get back?

The concept of resonance describes the ability of one object to affect another object through vibration or frequency.

Essentially resonance occurs through the interaction and quality of different energy fields. The word itself is derived from the Latin for “resound” or “echo”.

Emotions travel out from the individual like sound waves through the subtle layers of the energetic body and are echoed back by other energetic bodies that are vibrating at a similar frequency. These subtle energies are described by various systems including Chinese traditional medicine, yoga, and shamanism.

Resonance is the recognition of similar energies.

In my experience, resonance arises when we surrender our over-identification as an egoic individual and acknowledge (though not necessarily or only at a conscious or intellectual level) that we are deeply influenced by and influencing our surroundings.

Like the yin/yang symbol of Taoism, nothing is purely One or Other; everything is perpetually in dynamic interaction through interconnectedness and interdependence. We are changed and create change through interrelatedness, as eternally interacting aspects of the One.

How can you create the openness essential to experiences of resonance?

There are many techniques for relaxing the body and mind and shifting to state of relaxed alertness. Popular methods include:
• Yoga
• Tai chi
• Meditation
• Reiki
• Dance
• Ritual
• Breathwork.

My favourite methods are dance, meditation, and ritual to balance and enhance my energy at all levels.

These practices are avenues for knowing my body at all levels (from my dense physicality, through my subtle etheric field, to the peripheries of my spirit), feeling my emotions more profoundly, gaining wisdom through realising connections, and ultimately merging with the divine (within and without).

Through regular spiritual practice we are able to incorporate holistic consciousness into everyday life, maintain a healthy energetic field, and, by living in a state of present and loving awareness, we create an atmosphere of openness and trust with our surroundings and are able to cooperatively participate in the energy of active consciousness.

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