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You are the whole zodiac – even though you’re a particular sun and moon sign, you embody the entire zodiac. All twelve signs. Even that sign you hate.

The simplest way to experience this wholeness is to follow the Sun’s journey around the zodiac. You can use the Sun’s stay in each sign as a personal yearly calendar and focus on the activities related to that sign as it is expressed in your own chart.

For example, do you feel exhausted in the month before your birthday? This is because you are running out of life-giving solar light at the end of your personal solar year. When you have your birthday (also known as your solar return), you are reinvigorated by the light of the sun and feel energised once again.

You can also follow the moon through the signs of the zodiac. The moon moves much faster than the sun, so you can whip around the whole zodiac in a month and, if you were to repeat your observations and responses to the moon signs over a few months, you would soon become aware of your personal lunar patterns.

The moon phases are another lovely way to follow the cycles of nature. The changing shape of the moon is created by the amount of light she reflects, which changes as she moves in relation to the Sun and the Earth.

The dance between the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth is captured in your own natal chart by your Moon sign, your Sun sign, and your Ascendant. Some signs and phases will be easier for you than others.

It is rewarding to track your menstrual cycle, creativity, and emotions against the waxing (growing) and waning (shrinking) of the moon. Staying in touch with the phases of the moon is staying in touch with the Goddess.

Following the stars helps you know when to go forward, when to pull within – particularly by following the moon because she is the ‘planet’ that is closest to Earth and is also closely associated with the physical body.

If you would like to learn more about your unique natal chart, you are welcome to book in for a personal astrology consultation.

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