Sensitivity is a Super Power

This world certainly seems crazy at times. You only have to turn on the news to be assaulted by a steady stream of violence, death, oppression, and cruelty. Despite this, we are here. This is our place to experience life.

It is natural to become tired and long to ‘go home’ to the beautiful realm of peace and oneness that we glimpse in our dreams, visions, and meditations.

We tend to separate our current experiences (boss nagging, kids crying, dinner burning) from this place of great spiritual beauty. But it is simply by being here, now (thanks, Ram Dass) that we learn the most about ourselves – including why we’re here.

‘Why am I here?’ is a big question, with no answers and many possible answers all at the same time. It is easy to become lost in the fog, with our ego-mind trying to complicate a simple truth than is staring us in the face: The very tangible wisdom of the Earth. Her beauty, Her bounty, Her love, and the fact that you are here in it.

You belong here. Your sensitivity is needed. It is your super power.

Connecting with Her – Her lush trees, Her vast skies, the seasons that breathe the breath of the planet – are a path to peace, contentment, and pleasure.

Being here now, with the Earth, loving Her, caring for Her, protecting Her. That makes you a superhero.

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