Why You Need Less Stuff

There’s a growing trend away from ‘stuff’. This isn’t just a trend of physical minimalism. We still live in a physical world and need a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear. But it comes from a recognition that emotional/spiritual needs cannot to met through physical means. You’ve probably heard of emotional eating, hoarders, shopping addicts – these are all attempts to fulfil an unmet emotional need and they are all doomed to fail.

There’s that dark joke: He who dies with the most stuff wins.

On the surface it seems harmless enough, a recognition of the pleasures of life to be found in a big screen TV, a jet ski, a super charged leaf blower, the latest mobile phone. But let’s not kid ourselves, ladies: We love our shiny things too. Anti-aging cosmetics, high tech appliances (for the office and the kitchen), designer handbags, the list goes on.

And let’s not kid ourselves, spiritual peeps. A new oracle deck, another crystal, more flowing robes? Stuff is still stuff and not matter how cutting edge, how much you spend, how much you saved, or how thoroughly smudged with organic sage that was harvested by vegan virgins, that thing won’t answer those big questions you have about the meaning of life.

The connection you seek is within you.

I’m not saying strip off your clothes and live out your days as a hermit in a cave. Although, if you want to do that, go right ahead. We were incarnated here and now in this modern world for a reason. [Or perhaps no reason. It is what it is. A topic for another article.]

Wearing a colour that flatters your complexion, or putting on earrings that remind you of a happy time in your life are valid ways of connecting to your inner goddess and sharing her with the world through creative expression. But if you can’t find those earrings in your tangled pile of costume jewellery or if flattering colours only make up 5% of your wardrobe, it’s time to clean up and clear out.

Our physical environment reflects our inner psychological state. We can’t think and feel clearly or connect with ourselves properly when we’re surrounded by clutter. Clutter is bad for your mental health. Clutter is bad for your physical health.

If your physical and psychological space is in order, you can expand that clarity to your community and build healthy relationships within you family and home at first and then extend and expand that clarity to your communal connections. Eventually these circles of clear intent overlap and interact and you’re contributing to positive change at a global level.

An end to compulsive buying reduces unhealthy inflated demand for the products that cannot fulfil your true needs. It’s not about never buying anything new ever again (although maybe that is true for you); it’s about only buying things that genuinely fulfil a physical need – and meeting psychological/emotional/spiritual needs through psychological/emotional/spiritual connection.

Stagnation is death. If you have a heap of stuff stuffed in cupboards unseen and unused, you are harbouring stagnant energy in your house, in your life. No wonder that that ‘issue’ won’t go away. Clear your shit out. Stir things up. Get things moving.

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