You might not believe this right now:

All the answers you seek are within you.

My job is to help you uncover them.


About Kim

I am an astrologer and holistic counsellor, and I am here to help you.


I am passionate about helping you live your life aligned with what YOU value the most.


My focus is bringing the ‘world without’ and the ‘world within’ into alignment. I do this through astrology and counselling techniques that help you integrate all realms of experience – physical, emotional, spiritual – to know your whole Self and live with a sense of authenticity and connection.


Don’t give up. You are destined to shine! You deserve to be supported on your journey to happiness, purpose, and freedom.



dreamorpheus astrology reading consultation

Astrology Consultation

Explore your highest potential. Gain new perspective on recurring challenges. Spiritual insight. Event timing & significant dates. Tailored chart analysis + 60-min session. In-person or online. Read more

dreamorpheus focused divination astrology reading dream interpretation

Focused Divination

When you need a sign but your own vision is clouded, ask for help. A divined response to one tailored question or an insightful exploration of one dream. Includes one quick clarification question. Delivered via email. Read more

dreamorpheus wellbeing support meditation

Wellbeing Support

Personalised transpersonal counselling to reconnect with your authentic self. Be empowered. Conquer challenges. Create a soulful, meaningful life. In-person or online meeting, 60 mins. Read more

Monthly Horoscopes

These monthly horoscopes are fun and surprisingly accurate. Read your Sun sign and your rising sign (if you know it) for even more accurate results.














Saturday 7 July, 1 pm – 4.30 pm
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
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What does Uranus in Taurus mean?

What does Uranus in Taurus mean? Uranus is a progressive and innovative planet that breaks to breakthrough. Taurus is a Venus-ruled Earth sign so the revolution comes to the material and sensual world. Technological advancement will focus on solving tangible problems.